One by one, the fruits that help the brain and mental health

One by one, the fruits that help the brain and mental health

The fruit are beneficial for the body in various aspects, one of them is the brain health and its correct operation. More and more studies are interested in knowing how its consumption benefits the human body, and which are the most recommended.

These food They are essential in our diet since they are full of vitamins and nutrientswhich are essential to maintain the health of the organism. In addition, it is very easy to incorporate into meals and there are several recipes to consume it in different ways. The World Health Organization (WHO) sets a standard value of at least 400 grams of daily fruit consumption.

Mental health: what fruits are good for the brain


A study published in The British Journal of Nutrition revealed that the Kiwi can improve “vitality and mood in just four days.”

This fruit is originally from China but its cultivation became popular in New Zealand at the beginning of the 20th century, where it acquired its current name in honor of a distinctive bird of the nation. The researchers of the University of Otago of the oceanic country made an important discovery regarding the benefits of kiwi and its consumption for brain care.

“It’s great for people to know that small changes to their diet, like adding kiwi, could make a difference in how they feel each day,” said co-author and professor Tamlin Conner, Department of Psychology of said university.

Why can kiwi improve mental health?


Kiwi is very beneficial for the body.

Kiwi is very beneficial for the body.

He Kiwi contains high vitamin C content. The researchers determined that the intake of this vitamin C is associated with a mood improvement and well-being in general. It was also concluded that a lack of this vitamin can increase the likelihood of suffering from depression and cognitive impairment.

Although many people prefer to peel the fruit when eating it, the brown skin that covers the kiwi is edible. As with most fruits, the peel contains many of the food’s properties that benefit the body. You just need to make sure you clean it properly before consuming it.

“Our study suggests that kiwi consumptionand to a lesser extent vitamin C supplementation, can lead to mood-related improvements in a relatively short time, even in a relatively healthy population with good mental health,” the researchers highlight in the publication.


Kiwi contributes to an improvement in the person's mood.

Kiwi contributes to an improvement in the person’s mood.

In a study which involved 155 participants, they were administered daily supplements of vitamin C or kiwis. Subsequently, various parameters linked to the health, mood and lifestyle of each person were evaluated through telephone surveys.

Finally, the results revealed that Kiwi consumption had a significant impact in the feeling of well-being and mood, with notable improvements manifesting in just four days and reaching its peak between days 14 and 16. In contrast, those who did not consume the fruit but the vitamin C supplement showed slight improvements in mood, being more evident until day 12 of the study.

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