Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce share a big kiss after winning the Super Bowl

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce share a big kiss after winning the Super Bowl

This kiss will probably go down in history: It seals the Kansas City Chiefs’ renewed victory in the Super Bowl.

What a night: The Kansas City Chiefs were able to defeat the San Francisco 49ers at the 2024 Super Bowl in Las Vegas after a battle of nerves that lasted more than four hours. But it wasn’t just the exciting football match that attracted attention. Many eyes were again on singer Taylor Swift (34), who was cheering on her boyfriend Travis Kelce (34) with her friends and family. After the victory there was a big kiss on the field.

Taylor Swift celebrates: “Incredible”

“Oh my God,” the singer said to the tight end as she hugged him tightly and kissed him several times. “Incredible!” She added, patting him on the back. Travis Kelce and the Chiefs defeated the 49ers 25 to 22 in overtime at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday. They only managed to equalize shortly before the end of regular time. The joy of the team and its fans was even greater – especially Taylor Swift, who came accompanied by her best friend, actress Blake Lively (36). Swift was enthusiastically excited throughout the game, and her outfit also attracted a lot of attention in the US media. The singer wore a black corset and jeans with a custom “87” necklace.

She watched the game from a VIP box that also included Kelce’s parents, his brother Jason and his wife. As in previous games, the singer was seen cheering wildly and even drinking beer. The fact that she made it to the stadium on time is thanks to a tight schedule. Because just one day before she gave her fourth concert in Tokyo. Immediately after the performance, she rushed to the plane to head to Las Vegas. A direct flight from Japan’s capital to Sin City takes 13 hours, but there’s also a time difference that worked to the singer’s advantage. Tokyo is 17 hours ahead, which gave her the advantage of being able to essentially travel back in time when crossing time zones.

Since September, Swift has been turning the football world upside down

Kelce and Swift first sparked dating rumors in September 2023 when the “Cruel Summer” singer attended her first Chiefs game. The Super Bowl was her 13th football appearance to support her loved one. The Kansas City Chiefs won the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy, their third Super Bowl in five seasons and their second in a row. Travis Kelce said the game was “unbelievable.” He shouted to the stadium crowd: “The goal was always to get three. Believe it baby, we’ll be here next year. Family forever, I can’t be prouder of you.” He then announced that he would let it rip that night. When he sang “Viva Las Vegas,” Taylor Swift also had tears in her eyes.

Usher performs with star guests

There was also a crash during the popular halftime show, in which superstars traditionally rock the stadium. This time Usher (45) had the honor, who performed his hits on roller skates and finally with his upper body bare. He was supported by Alicia Keys (43), HER (26) and the rappers Ludacris (46) and Lil Jon (53). Justin Bieber (29), on the other hand, who many fans were hoping for, was only present in the audience.

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