Remote employment: great job offer with a salary of US$6,200 per month

Remote employment: great job offer with a salary of US$6,200 per month
February 12, 2024 – 07:00

A company in the United States calls for employees from all over the world, in exchange for a job with many benefits. I know the details of the job.


A company of USAstartup and dedicated to the area of medicineoffers an incredible employment remote with a salary of $6,200 per month. In Argentinathis modality is increasingly common, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

The call is international and professionals who are highly qualified for the position are sought.

Remote employment: the job that offers a salary of US$6,200


The company offering the job is dedicated to the medical area.

The company that offers the employment is dedicated to the area of medicine.

The American startup is immersed in the area of medicine and the medicines. The position is for a data engineerwilling to join the team remotely.

The company aspires to hire someone with experience and capable of solving problems, autonomous and capable of offering high quality alternatives. Among the benefits of the position, the company offers vacation and flexibility in it employment.

Job responsibilities

The advertisement lists the responsibilities of the position:

  • Experience in designing, building and implementing data solutions for large enterprises using the stack AWSwhat includes S3, Redshift and Kinesis.
  • Building production data pipelines in big data architectures, from ingestion to consumption, using tools such as Kinesis, Apache Airflow, Python (Pandas) and golang.
  • Development and implementation of pricing strategies and algorithms with direct impact on final results.
  • Respond to company ad hoc data analysis requests.
  • Commitment to data security, especially in relation to clients’ personal medical information.

Remote employment: requirements for the position


The job offers great pay and incredible benefits.

The position of job offers a great salary and incredible benefits.


The requirements requested for the position are:

  • More than five years of experience in Software Engineering I work with data solutions.
  • Design data solutions with complex data sets in the cloud.
  • Proficiency in cloud data storage, including redshift, snowflakeas well as in object storage.
  • Experience with a data-centric programming language, in particular Python pandas.
  • Excellent communication skills.

Remote employment: how to apply and start earning US$6,200 per month

Those interested in the position who meet the requirements and are considered qualified for the position employmentmust complete the application through LinkedIn. If selected, the company will contact the applicant.

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