Super Bowl: All the details on Taylor Swift’s $50,000 outfit

Super Bowl: All the details on Taylor Swift’s $50,000 outfit

Although she played a concert in Tokyo on Saturday evening, Taylor Swift made it to the Super Bowl on Sunday evening. There she cheered on her boyfriend, football star Travis Kelce, from the stands – in an outfit with lots of little tributes.

She attracted everyone’s attention on Sunday evening (local time) in Las Vegas: Taylor Swift came to cheer on her boyfriend, football star Travis Kelce. For many who are more concerned with Swift than with sports, she was the event of the evening – the fact that Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs triumphed in the end was the cherry on the cake.

Super Bowl: Taylor Swift honors Travis Kelce with her jewelry

As a superstar and consummate professional, Swift was of course aware of the hype her visit generated. And so she chose her outfit with great attention to detail. In total, the cost of Swift’s dark ensemble and jewelry came to just over $50,000.

Taylor Swift paired a corset top by Dion Lee with jeans from Area

As Page Six reports, her jewelry made up a large portion of the amount. Swift’s clothes were almost modest – considering that the singer is a billionaire. She wore a $720 Dion Lee corset on top. The little top is even still available on Dion Lee’s website. Swift’s jeans with embellished holes on the thighs are from the brand Area and cost just under $700. The bomber jacket from Wear by Erin Andrews cost the musician “only” $130.

Comparatively cheap outfit, expensive jewelry

It only became significantly more expensive when it came to jewelry. Also because Swift paid tribute to her friend several times. She wore a Stephanie Gottlieb necklace with Kelce’s number on her back – 87 – worth more than $4,000 and a Gottlieb tennis necklace with diamonds for $7,500. Her clutch in the shape of a football was from Judith Leiber and also cost just under $4,500. Her ruby ​​ring from Retrouvai cost just over $3,000. The red color of the ruby ​​can also be read as a tribute to Kelce’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Swift’s red heart earrings from The Last Line were relatively inexpensive at just under $500. Another ring – also with rubies – from the Shay brand cost her $5,600 and a bracelet from the same brand cost almost $20,000.

As Swift ran onto the field and toward her boyfriend, fans also caught a glimpse of her footwear. The musician wore black suede Christian Louboutin boots – $1,120.

But Travis Kelce was also happy about a new piece of jewelry at the end of the evening: the Super Bowl ring.

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