Heidi Klum: Touching congratulations to her mother

Heidi Klum: Touching congratulations to her mother

Heidi Klum congratulated her mother Erna on her 80th birthday with very special souvenir photos.

Last year Heidi Klum celebrated her 50th birthday – now the next big anniversary in the family is coming up. On her mother Erna Klum’s 80th anniversary, the model sent warm congratulations, a declaration of love and two souvenir photos via Instagram.

Erna Klum as a beauty queen

Heidi Klum clearly inherited her good genes from her mother. Both women look significantly younger than their age. But it’s not just their pretty looks that connect them – Erna also gained experience in the modeling world. The “Germany’s Next Top Model” boss published a snapshot for her mother’s 80th birthday, which shows her as a beauty queen with a sash and a bouquet of flowers. The picture is from 1972 and was taken a year before Heidi Klum was born. “Happy 80th Birthday,” wrote the top model and also added in English: “I love you, Mom.”

The mother-daughter duo has often been seen together over the past decades. Erna Klum accompanied her daughter on many trips and often came to Los Angeles to support her with her four children. Heidi Klum also shows how connected the two women are in her Instagram story. There on Monday she not only shared the beauty queen photo, but also another souvenir photo that shows her beaming as a child with her mother.

By the way, the Klum clan will soon be able to continue celebrating: Heidi’s daughter Leni will be 20 in May, and father Günther will also be 80 next year.

Source: Stern

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