Emigrate to Spain: what are the requirements and the best pages to look for work

Emigrate to Spain: what are the requirements and the best pages to look for work

More and more Argentines are deciding to leave the country due to economic and security problems and Spain is one of the most chosen countries. Therefore, in the Financial Field We bring you the requirements to emigrate and the best pages to look for work in the country where Lionel Messi shone with Barcelona.

What are the requirements to emigrate to Spain

Before traveling to Spain, you must keep in mind that you must have one of these two types of visa:

Residence visas for self-employment: the procedure must be carried out in Argentina on a mandatory basis and it is necessary to have obtained a job before, that is, emigrants must have a contract since it will be one of the documents requested. The authorization must be presented at the Consulate of Spain in Buenos Aires.

Residence visa for self-employment: Those who want to work in Spain independently must apply for this visa either to open a business or do so as a freelancer. It is an ideal visa for digital nomads and the process is also carried out in Buenos Aires.

Emigrate to Spain: the best pages to look for work

Maec: It is the page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain. It is useful for consulting information about other destinations in Europe.

Mepsyd: The website of the Spanish Ministry of Education provides information on degree validations and information on scholarships.

European Union: The official site of the European Union (EU) with basic information such as work and health, among others. There you can find job ads.

United Nations: The United Nations website provides information on professional internships, scholarships and job offers.

Linkedin: The popular social network for professionals is a space to find work in other countries, even remote opportunities.

EuroJobs: A European portal with registration of 42 countries on that continent. You only need to upload an online form.

What to keep in mind when working abroad

It is important to learn about visas and work permits in the chosen countrywhich sometimes requires an extra payment in dollars to complete the procedure.

A key point is also to inquire about minimum wages. It is a priority that they cover the cost of rent, transportation, services, taxes and food until stability and greater income are achieved.

Besides, An advantage to achieve a better position will be to master the native language of the chosen country since there will be a better valuation and a salary above the minimum that allows saving in a foreign currency.

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