Cosquín Rock: Slash’s international touch and Ciro’s reign put the finishing touch on it

Cosquín Rock: Slash’s international touch and Ciro’s reign put the finishing touch on it

The unusual international flight given by Slash, the iconic guitarist of Guns ‘N’ Roses; and the festival atmosphere generated by Ciro and the Persiansalso fueled by Grandpa’s Balls and Pillswere the two great milestones that defined the second and last day of the 24th edition of Cosquín Rock, which was carried out in the Santa María de Punilla Valley Aerodrome, in Córdoba.

By the time midnight was well behind us, the celebration extended with the cumbia of Ladies Free, the electronic set by American DJ Steve Aoki and the combative performance of Molotov; while earlier trap sat at the table of the greats in the history of the festival with the shows of Duki and Ysy A on the North stage, one of the two main stages of the six set up on the premises.

But it was Cyrusan old connoisseur of this musical meeting, who had the key that finally unleashed the widespread uproar that had not been noticed on the opening day, beyond some memorable performances such as that of Divided, Lali, Skay or Babasónico.

Ciro added a festival touch to the last day of Cosquín Rock

In the late afternoon, the former Lice He appealed to his festival pulse to claim a scepter that was still vacant in this edition. And it’s not that he has implemented some strategy that is not known, but the formidable frontman moves like a fish in water in these types of events and knows how to take advantage of it.

A good dose of songs from his old band, such as “So alone” and “Like Ali”, among other; The hits obtained during his solo stage and the right touch of sentimentality, from simple melodies but with epic edges, were the weapons that the artist appealed to.


A crowd vibrated with Cosquín Rock

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From a player’s seat as local as The Balls -the group with perfect attendance in the festival’s 24-year history-, Cyrus He once took over the stage knowing that he had an advantage in that regard.

Although this musical event usually includes foreign artists in its lineup, without a doubt, the presence of the guitarist from Guns ‘N’ Roseswhen the night had already arrived, gave another entity to this item within this musical encounter.

Accompanied by Myles Kenneedy and The Conspirators, Slash He provided a superb demonstration of rock and roll, in which he maintained the spirit of the famous Los Angeles band, although he took enough distance to make it clear that the current one is a different proposal.

Slash did not include Guns N’ Roses songs

In this plan, the man of the eternal galley surprised by not including any theme of Guns N’ Rosesa decision that allowed them to go through their entire set with the feeling of being in front of a familiar sound, although present in absolutely unknown compositions.

In exchange, one of the last guitar heroes gave an electrifying rock moment, in a certain passage of his performance, with a more calm and mature sound, although without losing forcefulness, compared to his best-known facet; and in another passage, somewhat closer to the vertigo of the legendary band through which he achieved popularity.

The captivating show, which could be appreciated with special attention due to this decision not to fall into an obvious and recognizable setlist, showed a Slash stripped of the struggle of egos, without the need to enter into stage competition with another figure.

In many of the passages of the concert the musical proposal was similar to that of Van Halen at the time in which he sang. Sammy Haggar; and she just became related to the Guns about the end, when some songs picked up speed.

But Slash It also showed some difference with respect to its most recognized guitar facet, because it maintained the “dirty” style and the use of distortion, but did not abuse the high sounds.

The guitarist found great accompaniment in the singer Myles Kennedy a vocalist who in his deep tones recalled Axl Rose but in most moments he showed a style similar to that of Bruce Dickinson. For its part, The Conspiratorsa trio of guitar, bass and drums, knew how to live up to the figure of the night, without losing sight of who was the undisputed protagonist.

Perhaps this aforementioned absence of issues of Guns N’ Roses kept the audience attentive but much less effusive than if they had played classics, which was not enough to match the festival atmosphere established a while before by Ciro and the Persians.

But yes, as said before, the former Lice was the one who finally woke up the audience, a little earlier, The pills of the grandpa He lit the fuse with his increasingly stylized poetic neighborhood songbook.

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