Frank “Buschi” Buschmann: RTL commentator is taking some time off

Frank “Buschi” Buschmann: RTL commentator is taking some time off

Frank Buschmann announced a break on Instagram. The TV commentator appears thoughtful in his message.

On Sunday he commented on the celebrity show “American Ice Football” on RTL before the Super Bowl broadcast from Las Vegas (also ). This Monday (February 12th), moderator and commentator Frank “Buschi” Buschmann (59) offers thoughtful words – and announces a farewell.

Frank Buschmann: “My ego was always big and loud”

“Lately people have been approaching me more often asking if something was wrong, if I was annoyed by something,” the popular commentator begins his longer post. He’s obviously not a good actor and he’s actually been taking “things to heart that I didn’t care about at all” for some time now.

Today, commentators are less able to ignore what people write on social media and who reacts to it than before. Things in the media are changing, “that’s completely normal and in some areas it’s certainly a good thing, but I’m starting to wonder more and more about where I see myself,” writes Buschmann. “My ego has always been big and loud, but even for me a lot of things are going in a strange direction. I feel that that’s not good for me.”

The moderator explains that he feels that 30 years in the public eye have drawn incredible energy and announces: “I’m now taking a longer break and will have enough time and enough great people to help me find a way to have fun Because that should always be the most important thing, otherwise you can’t do this job well.” In an additional Instagram story, Buschmann emphasizes: “Don’t worry, dad is fine! My post on my account should simply take you away, nothing more.”

Social media users had apparently criticized Buschmann for commenting on the RTL celebrity show on Sunday instead of the Super Bowl. However, the 59-year-old had stated weeks ago that he was feeling low in energy and would therefore not be at the NFL finale. In addition to NFL broadcasts, Buschmann also comments on or presents formats such as “Ninja Warrior”, “RTL Turmsprung” and “Schlag den Besten” for RTL.

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