Millionaire bills: the strange $1,000 copy whose value was changed with a stamp

Millionaire bills: the strange $1,000 copy whose value was changed with a stamp
February 12, 2024 – 3:00 p.m.

There are a series of banknotes that make their owners a lot of money and are very valuable in the market. Without a doubt, this is one of them.

The collectors of coins and bills They highly value pieces with historical value, that have some flaw or error that makes them unique. New copies are constantly coming onto the market at a price much higher than their face value.

Among the most coveted, there is a Argentine bill of $1,000 that was sealed to change its value.

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Bills and coins.

Banknotes: what is the $1,000 copy that is worth much more on the market?

President Raul Alfonsin executed the Southern Plan in 1985, which generated a change in the national monetary denomination, which went from being Argentine Peso to Southern.

He Southern was equivalent to 1000 Argentine pesos. After the change, different tickets with a value of 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 austral. But in the transition, there were some Argentine Pesos that were left wandering in the market and had to be resealed with the new value of the Southern.

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Free market

This is the case of this strange bill, which was originally from 1000 Argentine pesosbut they changed the value to 1 southern through a seal. Due to this modification, it is offered to different collectors, who are willing to buy it at a higher value.

Banknotes: how much does the $1,000 copy that was resealed sell for?

This $1000 bill It is published through the buying and selling platform Free market, at a price of $19,000. In most cases, the value of interesting specimens for collectors depends on the state of conservation, rarity and historical importance of the banknote in question.


This is how this $1000 bill appears published in Mercado Libre.

This is how this appears published $1000 bill in Free market.

In addition to this issue, there are many other publications on coins and tickets old, where much more money is offered in exchange for obtaining it.

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