Prince Harry only got half an hour with Charles because he is a stressor

Prince Harry only got half an hour with Charles because he is a stressor

Prince Harry was in London for 26 hours after King Charles’ cancer diagnosis was made public, and he is said to have only spent half an hour with his father. The reasons for the short meeting have now leaked out.

Shortly after the announcement that his father, King Charles III, had cancer, his youngest son was already on a plane across the Atlantic to Great Britain. Despite leaving the British royal family, Prince Harry didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be there for his father. But the audience wasn’t supposed to last an hour.

Shortly after the meeting, the media spoke of 45 minutes that Prince Harry is said to have spent with his father at Clarence House after his long-haul flight. But now, a week later, royal employees reveal that it only took half an hour.

The British royal author, Robert Jobson, revealed in an interview with “The Sun” magazine that Prince Harry was only allowed 30 minutes with his father despite the long journey. The author cites as a possible reason that the dropout prince could have represented a high level of stress for the 75-year-old monarch, who has to concentrate fully on his recovery.

In recent years, since leaving the royal family in 2020, Prince Harry has repeatedly made allegations against the royal family and has always brought stress and unrest into the family situation through the Oprah interview, the Netflix documentary and the publication of his memoirs. His current relationship with his father is considered tense, and that with his brother, Prince William, even broken.

Prince Harry is known in the palace as a troublemaker, not a calm source

Jobson also said that the palace did not want “his blood pressure to rise. The king is not doing very well, no matter what type of cancer it is, he is undergoing treatment.” The king needs rest. After his brief meeting with his son, he is said to have been taken to Sandringham in a helicopter with Queen Camilla.

The “Bild” newspaper also claims to have learned from those around the palace that Prince Harry was said to have been informed about the shortness of the upcoming meeting before his arrival in London: “The king is seriously ill and has to take it easy. That’s why Harry “We made it clear before his arrival in London that there would only be a very short meeting.”

According to the German portal’s source, the king’s doctors “practically begged him to rest and avoid contact with the outside world if possible.” However, that shouldn’t be the only reason for the short meeting. Another is said to be a lack of trust in the youngest son.

After the public attacks on the British royal family, the palace insider also told “Bild”: “Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that no one in the palace and no one in the royal family trusts Harry anymore. Everyone was super nervous before Harry’s arrival. The mistrust remains even after the visit. The king suffers greatly from it.”

No wonder that after a night in a London hotel, Prince Harry headed home the next day and flew back to California to be with his wife and two children.

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