Three getaways less than two hours from Buenos Aires to enjoy the weekend

Three getaways less than two hours from Buenos Aires to enjoy the weekend

It is not necessary to travel long distances to find peace and rest in the Buenos Aires province. Just a few kilometers away from the city, there are very good options to enjoy a weekend getaway.

TO less than two hours from the capital, there is three places that stand out for offering a necessary contact with the nature, beach and even excellent gastronomic options.

San Antonio de Areco

If what you are looking for is not a beach but a rural experience, San Antonio de Areco is the best option to clear your head and immerse yourself in a beautiful town of gaucho tradition which, they consider, is “from another time.”

The town has ranches, grocery stores, and antique houses. Local restaurants infect country life, offering typical dishes such as empanadas and asado.

You can also explore the picturesque streets by sulky, visit carriage exhibitions, tour traditionalist centers or participate in folklore clubs, providing an authentic gaucho experience.

The town also has a lagoon where you can fish and have delicious mates.

Located 116 kilometers from the City of Buenos Aires, Areco is accessible in just over an hour by car.

the bar and warehouse principles.jpeg

Los Principles bar and warehouse in Areco, run by its owner, Américo.


San Miguel del Monte

Located only 112 kilometers away from Buenos Aires, San Miguel del Monte offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the Laguna del Monte for water sports or walks along the coast.

The city has a rich historical heritage, highlighting the first forts built by him Viceroy Vértiz to contain evils.

Among the attractions are:

  • the Juan Manuel de Rosas ranch, now a historical exhibition center
  • the San Miguel Arcángel parish, 155 years old

For get to San Miguel del Monte from Buenos Aires By car you have to take the Ezeiza-Cañuelas Highway and then the RN 3. It takes approximately an hour and a half, depending on the chosen departure time and traffic.

You can also opt for the train railway rock from the Constitución terminal or various medium and long distance bus companies from terminals such as Retiro, Liniers or La Plata.

san miguel del monte.jpeg

The great attraction of San Miguel del Monte is its lagoon, which bears the same name.

The great attraction of San Miguel del Monte is its lagoon, which bears the same name.

Punta Lara

Punta Lara offers 14 kilometers of coast on the banks of the Río de La Plata. It is located in the Ensenada district, very close to La Plata, and is a popular destination for its easy access to the beaches.

The spa has public spaces with tables, grills, bathrooms and mobile food stalls. It is an ideal place to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy the water of the Río de la Plata.

The Punta Lara Natural Reserve It is perfect for immersing yourself in nature. You can walk along its paths, observe native birds and enjoy the abundant vegetation. It is an extensive area of ​​6 thousand hectares that preserves the biodiversity of the River Plate coast.

Located 60 kilometers from Buenos AiresPunta Lara can be reached by the Buenos Aires-La Plata highway and route 11or by public transport from the Constitución station of the Roca railway, with a transfer in La Plata to lines 275B or 275C.

Punta Lara Nature Reserve.jpeg

The Punta Lara Natural Reserve stands out for its abundant vegetation.

The Punta Lara Natural Reserve It stands out for its abundant vegetation.

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