Mental health: 10 ways to be more productive at work and avoid stress

Mental health: 10 ways to be more productive at work and avoid stress
February 21, 2024 – 18:00

Discover how to strengthen your mental health and be more efficient at work, avoiding work stress and achieving your best version. I know the details.

In an increasingly demanding world of work, mental health became a key factor for welfare and the productivity of the workers. He work stressl steadily increased, which led to the search for effective ways to combat it.

In this context, professionals explored different strategies to care for emotional balance in the work environment. From time management techniques to self-care practices, these ten tips make a difference.

Mental health: how to achieve balance at work


Mental health problems at work are increasingly intensifying.

The problems of mental health at work.

In contemporary society, it is common for obligations to exceed opportunities for enjoyment, and material things take priority over mental health.

This situation can generate a feeling of dissatisfaction in everyday life, especially when moments of joy are constantly left aside. happiness or with loved ones due to obligations, where income does not replace the feeling of loss.

Despite the general fear of requesting more time off, there are simple strategies to simplify the work routine and regain some control over life, before resorting to more drastic measures.

Mental health: these 10 strategies help reduce work stress

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There are ways to reduce work stress and take care of your mental health.

There are ways to reduce the work stress and take care of the mental health.

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The list includes:

  1. Say NO to overtime and working from home: get used to performing tasks within the working hours Strict is essential. Otherwise, we can fall into a dynamic where the productivity decreases and the schedule extends without control.
  2. Rest when you feel overwhelmed: Although it may seem contradictory, the rest is crucial to increase the productivity. When pressure and overwhelm are present, it is necessary to take a break.
  3. Don’t postpone tasks: in it labor sphere, it is important to avoid procrastinating on tasks, even if you have time available. Leaving things for later can be a habit that affects the quality of the job.
  4. Set reasonable delivery dates: it is crucial to fix realistic deadlines for project deliveries. Setting achievable goals helps avoid self-demand excessive and guilt in case of not complying with them.
  5. Learn to say no: Although it may feel rewarding to accept all the responsibilities, it is important to establish boundaries. Taking on too much can lead to stressreduce the productivity and affect the self-esteem.
  6. Prioritize private life: Clearly communicating personal and family needs can help reduce the work unrest. It is important to recognize that commitments outside the job They are also priorities and must be respected.
  7. Facilitate proximity to work: Reducing your commute time can provide more time for personal and family activities.
  8. Get organized to increase productivity: Taking time at the end of each workday to plan the next day’s priorities is an effective strategy. This organization contributes to increasing the productivity and provides a feeling of satisfaction for the job done.
  9. Avoid rush: attend appointments and meetings outside of school on time job helps reduce stress and the feeling of loss of control.
  10. Select activities with criteria: review how time is spent and eliminate non-essential activities helps improve the work efficiency.

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