Netflix: the crime movie based on true events that won’t let you leave your couch

Netflix: the crime movie based on true events that won’t let you leave your couch
February 21, 2024 – 18:45

It is a documentary that tells the true story of a love triangle, marked by harassment and deception, that ends with a murder.

Love, harassment, murder This new documentary film that premiered is called Netflix. It is based on the real murder of a 35-year-old man and, those who have already seen it, assure that won’t let you move from the chair.

The film focuses between the years 2000 and 2015 and tells the story of the murder of Carl Farver.

It all begins when Dave divorces his first wife, Amy Flora, with whom he had 2 children. When he moved, he alone began to venture into dating apps.

After creating your profile, made a “match” with Liz Golyar, a single mother and animal lover and they began dating. After a while, David met Cari Farver at the workshop where he worked.

One morning, a decisive episode happened: Liz Golyar entered Dave’s house to collect some of his belongings that were in the apartment and it found with Cari.

dave and liz.avif

Dave and Liz, happy before the horror breaks out.

Dave and Liz, happy before the horror breaks out.

From there, a love triangle full of complications and crossed messages. Cari began harassing Dave and then Liz with daily messages. Then, to Dave’s ex-wife, threatening to kill her and their children.

But the ending has a crucial twist and, one day, Cari turned up dead.

liz golyar trial.avif

Trial of Liz Golyar.

Synopsis of Love, Harassment, Murder, the new Netflix documentary

“In this documentary with unexpected twists, a mechanic dares to venture into online dating and meets a woman who takes a romantic obsession to deadly extremes,” notes the official Netflix review.

Love, Harassment, Murder Trailer

Embed – Love, Harassment, Murder | Trailer in Spanish | Netflix

Distribution of Love, harassment, murder

  • Christopher Maher as Dave Kroupa
  • Kattie Otten as Carl Farver
  • Jessica Johnson as Liz Golyar

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