TikTok: User captivates millions of fans with “Who TF Did I Marry”.

TikTok: User captivates millions of fans with “Who TF Did I Marry”.

Reesa Teesa has had a dramatic marriage. Her ex-husband lied to her every bit. The American deals with the trauma on TikTok – and millions of people follow her.

Her story has what it takes to become a Netflix series: With her series “Who TF [The Fuck, Anm. d. Red.] Did I Marry?”, TikTok user Reesa Teesa has become a viral sensation. More than two million people already follow the American on the platform, and significantly more watch her videos.

TikTok: User Reesa Teesa talks about her liar ex

In 50 clips, Reesa Teesa tells the story of her failed marriage to a “pathological liar,” as she calls her ex-husband. Drama, suspense, deceit, lies – it’s everything a viewer could wish for. One of the most important videos to start with the series is the clip titled “Things My Pathologically Lying Ex-Husband Lied About.” The American living in Georgia tells how she met her former partner over the Internet in March 2020, shortly before the first Corona lockdown. They met at a gas station because her tire blew out on the way to the date. “It was probably a sign,” she says about it today.

And what he told her sounded good. He is a vice president in a company and has a lot of responsibility. Right at the beginning of their love affair, he did “love bombing,” said the young woman. What at first glance seems like exuberant love is actually often manipulative behavior. Reesa Teesa’s ex-husband persuaded her to move in together so they could look for a house together. Every morning he spoke to his brother on the phone or to friends and always mentioned his new girlfriend. He raved about her to his telephone partners and sent them greetings. At the time, however, Reesa Teesa didn’t know that her new boyfriend hadn’t had any contact with his brother for years and that he hadn’t had any friends either. “Every single phone call was made up,” she explains. “He was never on the phone.”

“Who TF Did I marry?” tells of a pathological liar

His professional success was also a lie. Instead of being vice president, he was a temporary forklift driver. Calls to the bank that supposedly gave him a loan for the house they shared were also fake. Also written documents, both from his alleged work as vice president and from the bank. But Reesa Teesa didn’t find out about that until much later. In her videos she unravels every lie told by her ex-husband. And she tells how she gradually discovered him.

The two married in January 2021, a little less than a year after meeting. But it didn’t take long for Reesa Teesa to become suspicious. As more and more brokers inquired and demanded documents from her husband, she began to doubt the veracity of his stories. When she then contacted his ex-wife, further doubts were confirmed. The ex-wife also told Reesa Teesa that no one from her husband’s family was still talking to him. The reason is his lies.

In the summer of 2021, she confronted her husband about the allegations and subsequently kicked him out of their home. A little later she even had to call the police to keep him away. If you have around eight hours to watch each of Reesa Teesa’s videos, you can look forward to a highly talented storyteller. It’s not without reason that the American became a TikTok star within just a few days. She repeatedly emphasizes that she has evidence and witnesses for each of her stories who can confirm everything. No journalistic medium has yet been able to confirm the veracity of her story. But that doesn’t detract from the tension that Reesa Teesa creates.


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