Guido Maria Kretschmer: That’s how bad the loss of his parents was for him

Guido Maria Kretschmer: That’s how bad the loss of his parents was for him

Guido Maria Kretschmer’s parents died in quick succession last year. He is now talking about this loss for the first time.

Guido Maria Kretschmer (58) speaks for the first time about the loss of his beloved parents. Father Erich died in August 2023 at the age of 87, his mother Marianne followed in December at the age of 84. In the NDR talk show “deep and clear”, the designer looks back on the difficult months.

“When my mother died, everything was gone. I was almost unable to drive back to Hamburg,” reveals the “Shopping Queen” star in an interview with Aminata Belli (31) and Aurel Mertz (34). “I was more lost than ever in my entire life. It was terrible.”

Good relationship with his parents “a great gift”

He describes how close the relationship with his parents was. The good memories obviously help him process things too. He experienced an “extremely harmonious life” with them and cannot remember that there was ever any dissonance. His parents were very symbiotic and did everything together. “They always held hands, were so close to each other.” They also supported his homosexuality from the beginning. The fact that he had such a “good backup” also enabled him to lead an autonomous life early on.

“I always say: I could have married both of them. I could have spent my whole life with both of them. And that is a great gift.” The loss hits him all the harder: “I was really badly injured.”

Week-long dying process

His father’s death did not come as a surprise – because Erich Kretschmer himself decided that he no longer wanted to eat or drink. He also didn’t want to take pills anymore.” So dying was a process over a few weeks, during which Guido Maria Kretschmer was able to say goodbye. “He lay there like a little bird in the hospital bed, he just wanted to kiss.” But his father did He was also wide awake, so father and son were able to have a lot of conversations. One night, for example, Erich Kretschmer asked: “How do you feel about Naomi Campbell having a second child?” You can’t spend weeks thinking about dying The designer particularly remembers one sentence from his father’s deathbed: “My darling, you have never disappointed me.”

His father was “full of love, full of tenderness” and the “finest human being”. Father and son spoke on the phone every day and exchanged ideas. His father was an “important regulator”. After death, he often thought: “Dad, it can’t be that you’re no longer there.” His first thought was: “Now I’m kind of like an orphan. How am I going to make it?” Life without his important advisor was difficult: “Because I loved him so much and we were so similar, I had a hole that couldn’t be filled. I wasn’t able to deal with it.” He continued to work, but “sometimes tears would come out of nowhere.”

His mother developed dementia

At the same time, Guido Maria Kretschmer had to experience how his mother became ill: “At the same time as my father was entering the dying process, my mother became demented and detached herself from this situation in order to protect herself.” It was particularly hard for him: “It was really crazy, you lost both of them at once.” He also wrote about dementia in his book “9521 Steps – The Happiness of Unexpected Encounters”. He never had a problem with dementia: “We were so fine, we did everything together. Dementia is dramatic, but there are also moments that, if you allow it, are okay.” He also believes: “Dementia covered up her pain over the loss of my father.”

Still, he never thought she would die so quickly. After all, she continued to do things like ice bathing until the very end. Her death threw him off track again. Guido Maria Kretschmer found out about the sad news during a day of filming. He continued to work despite the shock. But on the way back, he was overwhelmed by sadness: despite his siblings and his partner, he felt completely alone and asked himself how he could carry on now.

Source: Stern

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