The town two hours from Buenos Aires loaded with nature and a beautiful river

The town two hours from Buenos Aires loaded with nature and a beautiful river

At approximately 150 kilometers north of the city of Buenos AiresOn the banks of Parana Riveris the picturesque town of Baradero. The place offers visitors a natural disconnection, two hours from the Buenos Aires Obelisk.

Furthermore, it is known to be the oldest town in Argentinacombining the old traditions of the indigenous Guaraní communities that inhabited the area in the 1600s with the new customs brought by Swiss immigrants in the 19th century, when they established the first agricultural colony.

Where is Baradero?

Baradero is located in the province of Buenos Aires, approximately 150 kilometers from the capital city.

What to do in Baradero

One reason to visit Baradero is its rich cultural and artistic history. The city has been the birthplace of important figures in Argentine folk music, such as Atahualpa Yupanqui and Abel Pintos. There are places dedicated to preserving the memory of these artists, such as museums and monuments.

You can also visit the ranch Saint Anabuilt by the grandfather of Che Guevara, the “El Torito” country stores, and “The Old School”.

For believers, it is typical of Baradero to visit the Paseo del Cristo, located in the Baradero ravine. The route is made up of fourteen murals of the Via Crucis that remember the ordeal of Jesus until he perished on the cross. They were inaugurated on July 25, 2015.

walk of the christ.png

Paseo del Cristo, 14 must-see murals.

Meanwhile, for nature lovers, Baradero offers green spaces and natural areas to explore. One of the arms of the Parana Riverwhich provides a quiet environment to enjoy nature and do outdoor activities, among which sport fishing stands out.

Also highlighted is the East Park, a 36-hectare nature reserve located 1km east of the city center. You can observe the biological diversity, landscapes and environments of the region.

baradero park .jpeg

Parque del Este, a must-see natural visit in Baradero.

Parque del Este, a must-see natural visit in Baradero.

How to get to Baradero from CABA

For get to Baradero from the City of Buenos Aires You have to take the Pan-American Highway and join National Route 9 to Provincial Route 41 in Baradero.

It is 150 kilometers and the car trip takes approximately 2 hours.

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