King Charles III and Princess Kate: How the royal patients spend their time

King Charles III  and Princess Kate: How the royal patients spend their time

The staffing level is thin in the Windsor family company: King Charles III. and Princess Kate are unable to attend due to illness; they will be represented by other royals at appointments. But what do the two patients actually do all day?

At the British BAFTA Film Awards in London, the Prince of Wales was seen on the red carpet again for a long time. William is president of the academy. But something was missing – especially compared to previous award ceremonies: the glamor factor that William’s wife Kate usually brings. She is the eye-catcher at such events, but this time she was unable to take part due to health reasons. She has been living in seclusion for over three weeks following her abdominal surgery in January.

The straw widower prince didn’t spend long in the flashlights of the photographers, only spoke briefly to fans on the edge of the barrier, but didn’t give any interviews. However, he did let it slip that his wife loved going to the BAFTA Awards. But due to the health situation in his family, neither of them had the time to watch many of the nominated films. You couldn’t help but wonder: At least Kate should have endless opportunities to watch films or stream series. What does the Princess of Wales actually do all day since she was released from hospital?

Princess Kate still has to take it easy

The good news is, she doesn’t seem to be bedridden anymore. Because we know that last week the entire Wales family left their current main residence at Adelaide Cottage near Windsor with all their luggage. During George, Charlotte and Louis’ school holidays they wanted to use the “holiday cottage” in the country, i.e. the 20-room country estate Anmer Hall in Norfolk near Sandringham. Unlike King Charles, who was partly residing in Sandringham at the same time, Kate and her family were not seen attending church services there on Sundays.

However, it can be assumed that Kate no longer just has to rest in bed or on the couch, but has at least gone for a walk with her husband and children or been able to pursue less strenuous leisure activities. It won’t be easy for her to lead a decidedly quiet life, as she is an avowed sports fan. Normally not a day goes by without her working out, cycling or jogging. She is also an enthusiastic gardener and a talented amateur photographer. However, all of this is not recommended as an activity, especially because of the stomach wound that has probably not yet completely healed. For example, her hobby remains reading. The classics by Jane Austen and Evelyn Waugh (“Brideshead Revisited”) are said to be among her favorites to read.

What Kate enjoys most is spending time with her children

What she will certainly do extensively in this recovery phase, as she did during the Corona lockdown: make pottery with her offspring and then paint her own creations. And reading children’s books with them in the evening is part of the regular program anyway. Kate also enjoys cooking for the family. Light dishes that don’t require long hours at the stove will definitely work again. Luckily, her and William’s favorite dish, grilled chicken, doesn’t require much effort to prepare – only then the royal husband would have to clean up the kitchen afterwards, because the heir to the throne has deliberately not hired a lot of domestic staff so that the children grow up as normally as possible.

While they are at school until the afternoon, you might also find the convalescing person at the piano in the salon: since she has shown herself to be a good pianist several times at Christmas services or in an Instagram reel before the start of the European Song Contest last May , it is known that the future queen also likes to play the keys. But it also leaked out from palace circles that the princess, despite being on sick leave, is now working at her desk at times and is taking care of her heartfelt projects such as the “Early Years” campaign to support young children.

Double burden for Prince William

During this difficult phase of his life, Prince William has to take the children to school, attend public appointments and, at the same time, stand in for his father at medal ceremonies. Not only does his wife have limited ability to act at the moment due to her health, but so does his father, King Charles, who is currently being treated for his cancer diagnosis.

As the palace press office repeatedly emphasizes, Charles continues to carry out the most important state business behind the scenes, sifting through documents, signing laws and, starting this week, meeting the Prime Minister every Wednesday for an audience. However, his wife Camilla had already let royal fans know at a recent meeting that the king, who is otherwise known as a workaholic, needs regular breaks to relax. That’s why he’s currently only in London for one or two days a week, for cancer treatment and for selected appointments in the palace, such as meetings of the Privy Council. He then flies directly back to Sandringham by helicopter. He takes long walks there every day, in addition to walking to church services on Sundays at the nearby church.

King Charles loves walking, listening to music, painting

A favorite activity that helps him think a lot is mushroom hunting. This was learned from a recent Charles biography. Conveniently, he often prepares his favorite dish for dinner himself, namely mushroom risotto with lamb fillet. Apart from watercolor painting, listening to music has also been a favorite activity of Charles since his youth.

In an interview in 2020, he once said that he was one of those people who couldn’t live without classical music because it calms the mind and soul. He will surely enjoy this effect now more than ever. Otherwise, to relax in the evenings, he particularly enjoys reading Shakespeare’s royal plays or spiritual works by his late author friend Laurens van der Post. Queen Camilla recently revealed that there is hardly anything cozier for the couple than sitting together in front of the fire after dinner, each with a book on their lap.

At the moment, however, Charles will probably only be strolling around in his beloved self-cultivated garden on his country estate, Highgrove, although, just like his daughter-in-law, he likes to help with the garden care and design himself. The cancer treatment will be too strenuous for him. But of course he can still talk to his plants, another of his lifelong favorite pastimes, and they would certainly encourage him if they could answer.

In times of convalescence, these two senior British royals apparently have pleasant, normal leisure activities – this also makes the king and daughter-in-law Kate the two most popular Windsors after heir to the throne William.

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