Am I dating a taken man? 25 clues that expose a lying baron

Am I dating a taken man?  25 clues that expose a lying baron

“Does any woman out there think she’s your girlfriend?”, which is actually a funny Instagram quote, shows that there are some men who still date a taken man. These clues can expose him.

You get to know someone on common dating apps or offline in a bar, which is much less common these days. You start dating, everything is actually going smoothly, but one or two situations seem strange. Often enough when it comes to dating, the following applies: listen to your gut feeling, because there are now many taken men (and a few fewer women) who are still hanging around on the singles market.

Most of the time, a taken man doesn’t say that he actually already has a wife or girlfriend, but rather makes the new acquaintance believe that he has butterflies in his stomach or even that he is in love. It’s not that easy to get to the bottom of such a lying baron. However, the following observations and experiences can help you stay vigilant. As is often the case when it comes to love, the more of it that is true, the more likely it is that the simplest thought is true: He is taken.

These 25 observations suggest it could be a taken man:

  • You don’t know your apartment and meetings only take place at the woman’s house
  • Only date within your own four walls, never outside or in a restaurant
  • No weekend trips, vacations possible (mostly professional excuses)
  • He only saves the number on his work cell phone, not privately
  • He is often unavailable in the evenings
  • He doesn’t say much about private things
  • He also withholds information about work, last name and circle of friends – everything is kept a secret
  • Turn off your cell phone more often (especially your work cell phone)
  • He never stays overnight (if he lives with his girlfriend)
  • More often unavailable or answers only the next day
  • A married man may have a ring mark on his finger
  • No request for social media accounts and no connection
  • When he’s on vacation, it’s usually romantic places for couples
  • He doesn’t let his cell phone out of his sight, takes it with him to the toilet and to the shower
  • At meetings he is always on his cell phone and answering someone
  • He once did more extreme and dangerous hobbies like motorcycling or something similar, but now he “don’t feel like it anymore”
  • Jetset life: He reportedly has a surprising number of business trips
  • He is not very spontaneous or can only be very spontaneous for an hour at night
  • He demands “loyalty” after the first meeting without it being a relationship (this reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases in the actual girlfriend/wife)
  • But the opposite can also be the case: he avoids commitment like the devil avoids holy water
  • He never suggests meeting friends or family and doesn’t want to come anywhere
  • Pay attention to the tattoos: Are there more recent dates tattooed or names? Just ask who that is
  • Empty promises: Often the actions don’t match the much nicer words
  • Often showers before he leaves again so that he doesn’t smell different
  • He never takes calls in the presence of the affair; he pushes her away

Of course, even with circumstantial evidence, there is never a guarantee that the new acquaintance is actually taken. In the end, the only thing that helps is asking questions and trusting your own gut feeling if the other person doesn’t admit it. However, if the evidence is accompanied by random facts, you should perhaps investigate your suspicion if you are interested. It happens more often than you think that married men (and women) pretend to be single and join the dating pool. And why all this? To get variety, fun and, above all, a self-confidence boost from a new acquaintance.

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