Oliver Pocher: About Sandy’s advice and the “love-hate relationship” with Amira

Oliver Pocher: About Sandy’s advice and the “love-hate relationship” with Amira

While chatting about breakup songs, Oliver Pocher describes the end of his marriage as a “love-hate relationship.” However, he misses the chance to repent.

What a motto, what a guest: Presenter Markus Kavka (56) presents the “Top 20 Breakup Songs” on the free TV music channel Deluxe Music (February 27th, 10 p.m.). And who would be better suited as a “music and relationship expert” than Oliver Pocher (46)? At first the two of them joke. But when it comes to a song by Rihanna (36), Pocher becomes clear. He is very familiar with the topic of love-hate relationships within a relationship.

“I’m someone who prefers a quiet separation”

There are songs for every occasion. Not only the first falling in love and the first togetherness know their music classics. The pop fund also has a lot in store for breakups. In the “Countdown Deluxe” of the breakup hits with ex-MTV and Viva colleague Markus Kavka, Oliver Pocher is initially relaxed as usual. He is “particularly familiar with separations.” At the same time, he jokes, he “prefers a quiet separation rather than one that goes through the media.” Both men claim that women break up with them more often than the other way around.

Swift and Kelce as “Helene Fischer and Kevin Großkreutz”

The hit countdown starts with Taylor Swift’s (34) hit “Style”. In it, Swift allegedly sings about her past affair with singer Harry Styles (30). Pocher just personally witnessed the hype surrounding Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce (34) during the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. Pocher sees “Helene Fischer and Kevin Großkreutz” as the German counterpart and speculates about Swift and Kelce: “I’m curious to see how long they’ll last.”

“Love-hate is pretty good”

“Is there something therapeutic about putting your grief into lyrics?” Kavka wants to know from Pocher, who is currently touring with his comedy program “Liebeskasper”. “For me, yes,” said Pocher. “People sometimes need tragedy. I process that in comedy. For me it had something therapeutic and that helped.” The song “Love the way you lie” by Eminem (51) and Rihanna is about the topic of love-hate relationships within a relationship. When asked by Kavka whether he had ever experienced something like this in his relationships, Pocher replied: “Should I now review the last twelve months? I can definitely understand that. I think love-hate is a good idea.”

“There is no manual for a breakup for me either”

Does Pocher regret things he did or said during this “love-hate” phase? “No, I have always done this very consciously in this situation. I am very authentic in how I do it. And unfortunately I don’t have a handbook for a separation that says: This is how you do it “When you break up. Authenticity is a high priority for me. People may or may not like that, but unfortunately I have to live with that.”

“Most of my breakups have been more dramatic”

Was there a kind of “best separation” for Pocher that was painless and orderly, Kavka wants to know. “No, it always sucked,” Pocher said honestly. “Most of my breakups have been more dramatic.” It also took a mud fight with ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (40) before they pulled themselves together again. “The fact that I get on better with Sandy today than I did back then gives me courage for one or two things that happened during the separation,” says Pocher, who describes himself as “in need of harmony.” “Sandy is currently helping me a lot. She says: ‘Man, you have to understand Amira, I was also young back then, also difficult. Be the smarter, the more mature one.'” The public is guaranteed to find out soon whether Pocher takes these tips to heart.

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