Quiet Quitting: These silent signals indicate massive relationship problems

Quiet Quitting: These silent signals indicate massive relationship problems

The term “quiet quitting” is known from the world of work, which means something like internal resignation. But relationships can also be affected, so you should pay attention to signs.

Your gut feeling tells you that something has changed within the relationship. The chemistry is different, the vibe is no longer there, the partner’s reactions seem slightly different, but you can’t really grasp it.

There’s something in the air.

Some partners are not very good at communicating or feel that their problem is too trivial to address within the partnership. Some people may not even notice that something is wrong – and before you know it, the relationship problems are there.

It is all the more important that you are aware of certain warning signs in a relationship, which often indicate dissatisfaction or a kind of “quiet quitting” within the relationship before the situation has become deadlocked. The neuroscientist Berit Brogaard, who has a research focus on human emotions, defined eight signs that relationship problems could be on the horizon:

Talking is silver, silence is gold…
… especially if you see relationship problems as gold. Noticeably reduced communication can be an indication that your partner is withdrawing emotionally. Another indication is the quality of the conversations. If this noticeably decreases and it is clear that there is no interest in conversations, a problem is often looming.

“I do not care”
“What do you want to eat? – I don’t care – What do you want to do on the weekend? – You decide” If one person in the relationship notices that the initiative and commitment is changing and the other person doesn’t care about anything, there should be reason to doubt indicate that there could be more to the bush than mere lack of motivation.

Most of the time you already have a gut feeling that indicates relationship problems

The stranger in my bed
Suddenly the partner seems a little strange, he or she becomes increasingly distant and hardly says anything about what is going on with him or her. Emotional distance could be a signal that larger relationship problems are silently making their way forward.

Don’t touch me
Similar to the point above, the same applies to physical distance. If the partner no longer seeks or distributes physical affection, sex life decreases and there are hardly any intimate, physical moments, this could be a sign that the partner may have long since moved away.

Scratch brush
Has your partner been irritable lately? Normal everyday arguments turn into arguments? Are the reactions more toxic and bitchy than they were a while ago? Increased interpersonal tension that turns into an argument more quickly than before could be an indication of a relationship problem.

Mysterious behavior
Until recently, you shared all sorts of everyday details with your partner, such as visiting a friend, what it was like at work, and much more. Suddenly you learn next to nothing, your behavior becomes mysterious and your partner becomes a stranger to you. Withholding information can lead to mistrust, which in turn quickly turns into arguments.

Dreams stay dreams
Future fantasies that you created together, concrete plans and goals that you discussed regularly, slowly die out. The other person no longer indulges in illusions and plans with you. Conversations about already concrete events such as moving in together or getting married come to a halt and are no longer pursued by the partner.

The Ego Tour
Suddenly each other’s priorities changed. Instead of a movie night together, the other person prefers to go to sports or do something with friends. Not that this isn’t healthy and right for everyone, but if you notice a clear and abrupt difference from previous behavior, this could be an indication of quiet quitting.

Overlooking warning signs of quiet quitting within a relationship could be the beginning of the end. The more signs of this type you notice in your relationship, the more likely it is that there is an unspoken problem. As difficult as it is in such situations, there is no way around addressing what has been observed and specifically pointing out the behavior to the partner and questioning it, says the scientist.


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