Monica Lewinsky: Clinton’s intern becomes a fashion icon

Monica Lewinsky: Clinton’s intern becomes a fashion icon

More than 25 years ago, Monica Lewinsky caused a national crisis through her affair with Bill Clinton. Now she is returning as a model.

In 1998, Monica Lewinsky (50) involuntarily found herself in the headlines. During Bill Clinton’s (77) first term as President of the United States, she completed an internship in the White House between 1995 and 1997 that was obviously not limited to the usual office work. After completing this internship, it came to light that the young woman had been having an extramarital affair with the head of state. While the sexual liaison was being dealt with legally, Bill Clinton only managed, with a lot of luck, to avoid impeachment and then serve another term in office.

Affair with dire consequences

For Monica Lewinsky, however, things didn’t end so well. The now 50-year-old is still struggling with the consequences of the sensational reporting and the resulting bullying. For years, Lewinsky has been an anti-bullying activist for people with similarly bad experiences. In 2019, she critically examined the affair with the president in a true story.

Mega model with a political message

A few months before the US presidential election in November 2024, Monica Lewinsky is making headlines again, but this time with more positive news. As has now become known, the ex-intern is involved as the face of the current . In the campaign entitled “You’ve got the Power”, Lewinsky not only presents the new workwear collection, but also combines her new model existence with a political message. A statement on the label’s website reads: “Together with Monica Lewinsky and Vote.org, we remind you that you have the power. And that you must vote this year.”

Stylish effort for Joe Biden’s US Democrats

In a press release announcing the campaign, the newly minted model explains her commitment with the following words: “Voting is always important, but this year the stakes are particularly high as voter frustration and apathy threaten to significantly impact turnout.” She does not hide the fact that with her new job as a fashion icon she is committed to the Democratic Party, as she was in earlier times, and wants to prevent Donald Trump (77) from becoming president again. Your former boss Bill Clinton should note this with satisfaction.

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