Director Francisco Lezama won in Berlin and dedicated it “to the INCAA mistreated by Milei”

Director Francisco Lezama won in Berlin and dedicated it “to the INCAA mistreated by Milei”
February 27, 2024 – 12:43

Lezama won the Golden Bear for his short film “A Strange Movement,” which focuses on Argentina’s obsession with the dollar.

The Argentine short film A strange movementunder the direction of Francisco Lezamawon the Golden Bear in the Berlinale Shorts category at the 74th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale).

It was the only short format film from Argentina that participated in the official competition of this highly prestigious film meeting, highlighting its theme focused on the obsession with the dollar and speculation with foreign currency in the context of the Argentine economy.

Francisco Lezama’s speech at the Berlinale

When he went on stage to receive his award, Lezama was categorical in his dedication: “I would like to thank the National Film Institute (INCAA), which is being very mistreated by President Javier Milei”.

And he continued: “I would also like to thank other public institutions that are not as well-known as INCAA but that also educated me for a long time. To the Buenos Aires Cinema Museum, to the ENERC Library, where I was going to read a lot. To the Fernando Martín Peña program (Filmoteca, which was broadcast on Public TV until 2023). These are public institutions that are at risk at this moment because everything is measured in economic terms. and if it does not generate money they simply close it.”

Francisco Lezama speech.mp4

The award-winning work focuses on the “Little trees“who sell and buy dollars in the streets of Buenos Aires and the international jury of the 74th edition of the European competition chose it as the best of the 2024 edition among 20 titles in the Berlinale Shorts section.

The piece by Lezama, also author of Bride of Frankenstein and of Dear Renzohas protagonists of Laila Maltz, Paco Gorriz, Sofía Palomino, Jorge Prado and Guillermo Massé.

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