Camila Perissé died at the age of 70

Camila Perissé died at the age of 70
February 27, 2024 – 1:56 p.m.

Juan Etchegoyen, who had been in contact with his family and his lawyer for a few days, announced the news.

Camila Perissethe former Argentine star and actress, died this Tuesday, February 27, at the age of 70, after spending several days hospitalized in a clinic.

“Camila Perissé died at 70 years old. We have been saying these days that the condition was very serious. RIP dear Camila, may God bless you.”the journalist published Juan Etchegoyen on X (ex Twitter), who had been in contact with the artist’s inner circle for a few days.


Camila Perisse, born Camila Porro in Mar del Plata, January 1, 1954, was an Argentine actress and vedette. She was the protagonist of various films and television series. The country’s sex symbol (particularly during the 1980s), she appeared on numerous covers of national magazines, famously including Playboy magazine.

What Camila Perissé’s husband had said before her death

A few days ago, Etchegoyen shared the heartfelt words of Camila Perissé’s husband, while she was hospitalized: “Her husband strongly begs me to make the situation known, otherwise I would not mention it.”

And he had continued, reporting his situation: “Camila’s health has worsened, she has been diagnosed with terminal pneumonia and is currently under artificial respiration”.

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