Last hours to buy movie tickets for $1,500: how to enjoy the Film Festival

Last hours to buy movie tickets for $1,500: how to enjoy the Film Festival
February 27, 2024 – 14:08

The third edition of the event proposes to support the local industry and encourage audience growth. How to buy tickets?

To this Wednesday February 28 the third edition of The Film Festivalan initiative in the main rooms all over the country during which they go on sale 2D and 3D inputs at the promotional price of $1,500.

The action is implemented for the first time for a week (in the previous two it was valid for four days) and virtually all the chains that operate in the local market participate.


The possibility of offering affordable prices also seeks support local industry: currently the billboard offers titles such as Checkmate (by Jorge Nisco), released on January 25, which attracted 60 thousand spectators.

It is assumed that this promotion affects the audience growth. It also implies a boost for multi-award-winning co-production The settlers (Felipe Gálvez), premiered on February 1 and was attended by 829 people.


The Film Festival: until when and how to buy tickets for $1,500

The third edition of the event takes place until this Wednesday in all the rooms in the country. The functions in 2D 3D, XD and comfort rooms cost $1,500while the projections in 4D, DBOX and Premium rooms have a value of $2,800.

Tickets can be purchased in person at the box office or through the cinemas’ own websites.

The beginning of the Film Festival 2024 coincides with the re-release of Nine Queensso this authentic classic of Argentine cinema could once again become a massive success taking advantage of the tickets at reduced prices.


What are the participating cinemas?

  • Multiplex Cinemas
  • Cinemark Hoyts
  • Cinemacenter
  • Atlas cinemas
  • Cinépolis
  • showcase
  • Cinema La Plata
  • Metropol Cinema
  • Atlas
  • CPM Cinemas
  • New Rex Cinema
  • Saenz Peña Chacho Cultural Space
  • Sunstar Cinemas
  • Cinema Adrogue
  • Coastal Cinemas
  • E-Max Cinemas
  • Paris Cinema
  • Flix Cinema
  • Renzi
  • Cinema Concept
  • Devoted Cinema
  • Cinema Star
  • Your Cinema
  • Opera Cinema
  • Play Cinema
  • Barrio Alegre Cinema
  • Pila Theater Cinema
  • Paseo Aldrey Cinemas
  • Ether Cinema
  • Cinerama
  • Holiday Cinemas & Theaters
  • Sudcinemas Villa María
  • Sudcinemas Bell Ville
  • Antonio Lafalla Theater Cinema
  • Las Tipas San Francisco
  • Las Tipas San Jorge
  • Las Tipas Boulevard
  • The Tipas Posadas
  • Las Tipas Rafaela
  • Río Gallegos Cinema
  • Belgrano Rafaela Cinema
  • Recite
  • Auditorium Italian Society
  • Ocean Las Toninas Cinemas

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