The most anticipated premieres of March 2024 on Disney+

The most anticipated premieres of March 2024 on Disney+

I discovered the 4 movies, series and documentaries that generate the most expectations among users of the platform.

Disney+ contains a variety of movies and series from Disney, Pixar, MarvelStar Wars and National Geographic, among others. The platform regularly adds new incredible content for the enjoyment of all its users.

After Shogun’s incredible success at the end of February, and with the arrival of MarchDisney+ brings new releases which had already been announced months ago and that is why they are highly anticipated among the platform’s subscribers.

Disney+: these are the most anticipated premieres in March 2024

See you in another life (Premieres March 6)

On March 11, 2004, several points on the Madrid commuter network were shaken by terrorist attacks, causing the death of more than 190 people.

This is a 6-episode miniseries, adapted from ‘See you in this life or the next’the book by Manuel Jabois in which he x-rayed the figure of Gabriel Montoya Vidalbetter known as Baby, who would be the first convicted of the attacks for transporting the explosives from Asturias to Madrid.

Embed – See you in another life | Official Trailer | Disney+

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour (Premieres March 15)

The documentary will show for the first time the complete concert of popular pop star Taylor Swift, including the four additional songs from the acoustic sets. The show passed through Buenos Aires and the American singer was amazed by the Argentine public.

Embed – The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version) | Concept Trailer | Disney+

Photographers (Premieres March 19)

It is a documentary National Geographic that shows the stories and difficulties experienced by photographers who risk everything to capture the most impressive moments of life in nature.

Embed – Photographer | Official Trailer | National Geographic

X-Men ’97 (Releases March 20)

It’s about a reboot (a remake or reboot of an existing work of fiction) of the Marvel animated series, X-Men ’97, which revives the history of the group of mutants. The plot focuses on these characters who, despite being feared by the world, use their powers to protect it.

Embed – X-Men’97 | Dubbed Official Trailer | Disney+

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