Royals: King Harald gets a temporary pacemaker

Royals: King Harald gets a temporary pacemaker

King Harald is the oldest monarch in Europe. He has been struggling with his health for some time now. He was recently plagued by a respiratory infection in the winter.

Norwegian King Harald (87) has had a temporary pacemaker inserted in Malaysia. The palace in Oslo said the reason was the monarch’s low heart rate. “The decision was made this morning and the operation was successful.” The king is doing well, but he still needs rest. The operation will make the journey home, which will probably take place within the next few days, safer, said Harald’s anesthetist Bjørn Bendz, according to the statement.

The king contracted an infection while on holiday in Malaysia and was taken to hospital there. On Friday, a plane to take him home landed at Langkawi airport. The royal family had announced in advance that Harald was planning a private trip abroad.

Source: Stern

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