Millie Bobby Brown: With father-in-law Jon Bon Jovi at the premiere

Millie Bobby Brown: With father-in-law Jon Bon Jovi at the premiere

Family happiness instead of fire dragons: Millie Bobby Brown appeared at the premiere of “Damsel” together with her in-laws.

In her new Netflix film “Damsel”, Millie Bobby Brown (20) fights her fictional in-laws, who want to sacrifice her to a fire-breathing dragon. In real life, the actress apparently gets along better with the parents of her fiancé Jake Bongiovi (21).

At the film’s premiere in New York City, the 20-year-old even walked the red carpet with her future parents-in-law. Brown shone in a metal floor-length robe with a generous leg slit, her fiancé wore a black suit with a tie and brown sunglasses.

Jon Bon Jovi raves about his daughter-in-law

The couple posed for several photos with his famous father, rock star Jon Bon Jovi (62), and his mother Dorothea Hurley (61). The musician was dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, his wife in a brown suede skirt and black top. The two seem visibly proud of their daughter-in-law.

Jon Bon Jovi has raved about his son’s “wonderful” fiancée in the past. He’s not worried that the two of them might be too young for marriage. “I think all my children have found the people with whom they can grow together and we like them all,” .

Dramatic engagement story

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi made their relationship public in November 2021 and announced their engagement in April 2023. Brown recently revealed that Bongiovi proposed to her underwater during a dive: “He gave me a shell, I turned it over and there was a ring underneath,” she explained to host Jimmy Fallon (49). The ring fell off her finger out of shock, but Bongiovi saved it from sinking. It was “like a movie.”

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