As a single father, Oliver Pocher has to fish excrement out of the pool

As a single father, Oliver Pocher has to fish excrement out of the pool

Since separating from Amira, Oliver Pocher has had to deal with his two sons during his fatherhood. In his podcast he tells disturbing stories from his parental life.

Last year, Oliver and Amira Pocher separated, and since then their two sons, three and four years old, have been with one or the other. A phase that he did not experience so intensively with his first three children, which he had with Sandy Meyer-Wölden.

Sandy Meyer-Wölden and Oliver Pocher were a couple from 2009 to 2013, and divorced in 2014. Daughter Nayla, now 14 years old, and twin boys Emanuel and Elian, 12 years old, come from the marriage. But when the children were small, Sandy moved to the USA after the separation, where she met a new partner and had twins again. Although Pocher always looked after his three children, the distance and the new partner at his mother’s side did not allow him to experience the joys of being a single parent as much as he does now.

Oliver Pocher describes life as a single parent

In the joint podcast “The Pochers! Freshly recycled” Sandy Meyer-Wölden and Oliver Pocher talk about the fatherly joys that come with a three and four year old. To introduce the topic, Pocher tells a story from the gaming paradise. He describes a situation in which he observed his youngest son painting on a window. At that moment it was unclear to the comedian where his son got the color from until he noticed the smell. When Pocher realized that they weren’t brown wax crayons, the little boy had already drawn a sun and a house. “I didn’t know how much you could paint with a load of shit like that,” said Pocher in the podcast.

But that’s not all of his kids’ extreme excrement stories. Sandy adds a story about Amira and her ex-husband’s two little boys, which happened when Pocher was visiting her in Miami. First, Sandy Meyer-Wölden points out the usefulness of swimming diapers for small children. The audience in the hall where the podcast was recorded already suspects it. Then the 40-year-old says that one of the boys did his big business in her pool. Pocher said boldly: “Yes, but that was a big piece that you could get out of a Toppits bag like that” – which he then did as a father.

Oliver Pocher also had fun with the two small children on the return flight from Miami to Germany. Pocher tells of his child’s tantrum that started before the start. A discussion arose on the plane as to which seat the little boy wanted to sit in. Next, an argument about wearing a seatbelt began with the youngest, of course not without the obligatory kicking and fussing on the plane to the delight of the other passengers. As usual, Pocher comments humorously on the description in the podcast with the words: “It’s not my child, he must have got that from Amira.”


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