Mirtha Legrand demanded that the Government make the dengue vaccine free

Mirtha Legrand demanded that the Government make the dengue vaccine free

The host referred in her program to the increase in cases due to the Aedes aegypti mosquito virus. She demanded that the national authorities take action on the matter.

Mirtha Legrand spoke about the increase in dengue cases throughout the country.

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In the midst of the increase in infections and deaths from dengue in the country, Mirtha Legrand He was not left out and asked the Government to enable free vaccines against the virus. In her program this Saturday, “la Chiqui” left a direct message to the management led by Javier Milei: “Do you know how much the dengue vaccine costs? $100,000, how crazy! “She expressed.

During his program, Legrand brought up the issue of the increase in infections and deaths caused by the virus transmitted by mosquitoes.

In the “table” on Saturday, Chiqui had the participation of Coco Sily, Diego ramos, Rocío Oliva, Coast and the infectious disease doctor Roberto Debagg.

With the health professional there, Mirtha Legrand took the opportunity to talk about the current situation in the country and the dangers of mosquito bites. Aedes aegypti infected


The driver asked the Government that the dengue vaccine should be free: ““The Government is the one that has to give them, people cannot buy them”, he expressed.

The infectious disease specialist clarified that each dose costs “approximately $70,000,” but that the value depends on the social work or prepaid of each person. At the same time, he stressed that the two doses necessary to complete the scheme and achieving immunity represent a total cost of $140,000.

Along these lines, Debagg responded to the host’s questions about the effectiveness of the vaccine, and remarked that “reduces the 95% chance of a person being hospitalized”.

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