Big Brother: new elimination gala and a request for abandonment

Big Brother: new elimination gala and a request for abandonment

After a week full of conflictive fights and outbursts of all kinds, the public of Big Brother chose his twelfth eliminated, in the midst of great controversy with Agostina Spinelli and an explosive definition in which Rage eliminated Lysander.

After obtaining the position of weekly leader, Nicholas decided to go down from Wednesday’s plate to Bautista Mascia and exchange it for Virginia Demowhich had been left out of the group nominations for the first time.

In this framework, Thursday’s list of nominees was made up of Virginia Demo, Isabel De Negri, Juliana “Furia” Scaglione (both nominated by Big Brother after being sanctioned), Joel Ojeda, Agostina Spinelli and Lisandro “Licha” Navarro.

Who was the new one eliminated from Big Brother?

After announcing that the participants were left with half of the shopping budget for not having passed the weekly test, Santiago del Moro revealed that the first participant “saved” by the public was Joel Ojedawho returned home last week in the playoffs.

A few minutes later, Del Moro announced that Virginia is also staying at the house for another week, like Isabel, who also returned to the house last week. Agostina was the next to be saved, but she started crying and said “I didn’t want to stay” while the plate was left with two rivals: Furia and Lisandro.

At 11:14 p.m. the final stage of voting opened, leaving one of the most explosive definitions in the history of Big Brother, in which Lisandro was finally eliminated by 61.6 percent of the votes compared to Furia’s 38.4. , a figure very different from the surveys that proliferated on social networks in recent hours.

Agostina Spinelli’s request to leave Big Brother

After Licha’s elimination, Agostina asked the driver to leave the competition at that very moment, claiming that she felt threatened by Furia.

“Santiago, I ask you to leave the house at this very moment. “I’m not going to live with a mine that threatens me with death, in no way.”, she launched, breaking with all the climate that was occurring at that moment and turning attention to her. “Silence, I want to talk,” the driver asked while there were screams in the studio, screams for Juliana’s celebration and distress while Licha said goodbye to her friends.

“This is Lisandro’s moment, but if you want to leave at this moment the doors are open for you and for whoever wants to leave,” the entertainer launched, defiantly. “If you want, grab your suitcases and leave the game,” he asked her while Agostina exclaims, “I’m not going to live with a landmine that threatens me with death.” Fury’s reaction did not put a damper on the situation. “Let him go! She called me ‘merquera’ and I’m a coach. I won forty medals. “I am a woman, I am not a ‘falopera’”thrown, taken out.

“I’m afraid to stay. I told Big Brother yesterday that I’m afraid that this girl is going to stab me… I can’t go to sleep in my room and I have to go to sleep in the boys’ room because I don’t know if she’s going to stab me with a knife. He told me ‘I’m going to kill you,’ he said.

In the end, Agostina remained firm, expressing her intention to leave the game of her own free will, while Santiago del Moro asked her to speak to the psychologist and ended up leaving the door open for her to leave. “I hope you reconsider. Talk to the psychologist, to Big Brother and when they tell you, you are going to withdraw from the game.”, Told him. while she continued crying. “I send you a kiss and see you out here,” she concluded.

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