TV chef: Tim Mälzer is thinking more and more about quitting

TV chef: Tim Mälzer is thinking more and more about quitting

20 years ago, Tim Mälzer cooked on German television for the first time. Since then he has tried many things. Whether it’s new TV formats, restaurants or cookbooks – a new topic is slowly emerging.

The Hamburg restaurateur and television chef Tim Mälzer (53, “Kitchen Impossible”) is thinking more and more often about retirement. “I’m currently dealing a lot with the topic of quitting. I’m now slowly getting to an age where you have to face it sometimes,” Mälzer told the Hamburg magazine “szene Hamburg”. He doesn’t want to be one of those people “who don’t notice the end.”

At the same time, Mälzer’s head was full of new ideas, as he went on to say. “I have around 40 concepts and ideas in my head. They range from an ice cream parlor in KaDeWe to the reactivation of the off-club that I once had in Bahrenfeld.” He also recently saw a gastro location for which he immediately had an idea. He also has a ramen bar, a fish restaurant and a German restaurant in mind. “There are so many things I want to do, but really I just want to retire.”

Tim Mälzer has had the restaurant “Bullerei” in the Schanzenviertel in Hamburg for 15 years. The new season of the Vox show “Kitchen Impossible” also recently began. Mälzer competes against other top chefs.

Source: Stern

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