Absolut happiness? 7 actions you must give up to achieve it

Absolut happiness?  7 actions you must give up to achieve it

Happiness is not a passive state that simply falls from the sky, but an active choice that requires giving up certain attitudes and behaviors.


The search for the happiness It is a universal human desire, and often, achieving it involves doing some changes in our lives. Sometimes the key to finding the happiness It lies not so much in what we must acquire, but in what we we must give up.

The happiness It is in making decisions that free you from what does not allow you to enjoy to the fullest. Many times, we seek the approval of others to feel validated. However, true happiness comes from self-confidence and the ability to make decisions based on your own goals and values.



How to achieve absolute happiness?

1. Stop comparing yourself to others

Constant comparison with others is an inexhaustible source of unhappiness. Instead of looking at what others have or achieve, focus on your own personal progress and development. Each person is unique, and your happiness should not depend on how you compare yourself. with the rest.

2. Give up resentment and resentment

Resentment and resentment only poison yourself. Learn to forgive, not for the good of others, but for your own inner peace. Give up these negative feelings It will allow you to release a great emotional burden and bring you closer to happiness.



3. Give up Negativity

Negative thinking and pessimism can be significant obstacles to happiness. Change your perspective and focus on the positive. Practicing gratitude and maintaining a positive attitude will help you attract happiness.

4. Leave the past behind

Holding on to the past, especially mistakes and past wounds, can be an unbearable burden. We must learn to let go of the past and look to the future with optimism. Acceptance and forgiveness They are powerful tools to free yourself from these emotional burdens.

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According to Harvard University, approximately 50% of happiness is inherited, and another large part is determined by your circumstances at all times.

According to Harvard University, approximately 50% of happiness is inheritedand another large part is determined by your circumstances at all times.

Live Magazine

5. Give up the idea of ​​absolute control

Life is unpredictable and often trying to control every aspect of it only causes stress and anxiety. Learn to let go of control over the things you can’t change and focus on what you can influence. Flexibility and adaptability will lead you to greater happiness.

6. Stop postponing your goals and dreams

Many people put off their goals and dreams, waiting for the “right time.”. However, happiness often comes from actively pursuing your passions and goals. Don’t postpone your dreams; Work towards them constantly.

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7. Give up toxic relationships

toxic relationships whether friendships or romantic relationshipscan be a significant obstacle to the happiness. Learn to set limits and, if necessary, stay away from people who hurt you or prevent you from growing.

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