Colin Firth: 30-year-old shirt now auctioned for 23,000 euros

Colin Firth: 30-year-old shirt now auctioned for 23,000 euros

A white shirt that Colin Firth wore in “Pride and Prejudice” in 1995 has changed hands at auction – for a large sum.

The white shirt that Colin Firth wears in “Pride and Prejudice” as he runs wet across the lawn after a swim in a lake has been auctioned. At the auction in London, the famous garment fetched 20,000 pounds (around 23,000 euros).

The scene with Colin Firth is iconic

The scene in which Oscar winner Firth presents the shirt comes from the TV adaptation of the Jane Austen novel from 1995. The actor can be seen in it as Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, who, after his bath, came across the surprised Jennifer Ehle alias Elizabeth Bennet meets. The cult scene was remembered, among other things, in the Netflix hit series “Bridgerton”, when Anthony Bridgerton, played by Jonathan Bailey, climbs out of a lake wearing a white shirt.

The London-based company Cosprop, which specializes in costumes, had now offered the shirt from “Pride and Prejudice” for sale. The estimated value for the famous piece of clothing was apparently between 7,000 pounds (around 8,200 euros) and 10,000 pounds (11,700 euros).

Johnny Depp’s clothes also went under the hammer

Colin Firth’s white shirt isn’t the only thing up for auction. The auction reportedly featured other famous movie clothing. Johnny Depp’s appearance as Ichabod Crane from the 1999 film “Sleepy Hollow”, for example, went under the hammer for 24,000 pounds (28,000 euros). Drew Barrymore’s costume as Danielle from the 1998 film “Forever and Ever” brought in the equivalent of almost 19,000 euros, and Cate Blanchett’s “Elizabeth” costume, also from 1998, changed hands for 5,600 euros.

The auction was for a good cause: the costumes were donated by Cosprop to raise money for the Bright Foundation, an arts education charity.

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