Final Destination 6 is finally coming to theaters

Final Destination 6 is finally coming to theaters

The title was initially planned to go directly to HBO Max but finally to the big screen.

the saga “Final destination” prepares for its return with the sixth installment, “Final Destination: Bloodlines”, marking the start of production after thirteen years since the last film. Under the production of Jon Wattsresponsible of “Spider-Man: Homecoming”this new film was originally going to be released directly in HBO Max (now Max).

Craig Perryproducer of the film, has been the one who confirmed it through social networks: “In 2025 the 25th anniversary of the premiere of the first installment of the franchise will be celebrated. To honor it, we will have the opportunity to make another world premiere of another film , even in IMAX, and it’s something wonderful…”

What the sixth part of Final Destination will be about

It will tell the story of Stefani, a young woman who is about to go to university and who has been having terrible nightmares about how she died in an accident but in the 1960s. However, her dream is actually a premonition that happened to her grandmother Esther, who managed to trick the dead woman fifty years ago, but now she is running out of time.

Stefani discovers that Death has been hunting the victims who survived the accident for a long time, killing them, and is now hunting the descendants they had. The young woman and her family will realize that her bloodline is not safe from Death, who will try to take them in the most gruesome and violent way unless Stefani finds a way to stop her.

With the address of Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. SteinResponsable of “Freaks”, “Final Destination 6” seek to revitalize the iconic franchise, exploring how Stefani fights Death to protect her family from a fatal fate.

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