Luis Miguel returned to Argentina with everything: the details of his first recital

Luis Miguel returned to Argentina with everything: the details of his first recital

Finally the wait is over and the Sun of Mexico, Luis Miguelonce again shined on the stages of Argentina, where he resumed 10 Movistar Arena which he had sold out last year and continued his tour with three new performances at the Argentine Polo Field in Palermo and one in Córdoba.

When the stadium doors open at five pmthe venue was flooded with thousands of fans of “Luismi” who began to enter while singing some of their songs most emblematic and bought the event’s merchandising.

Minutes before 8:00 p.m., he sang Mery Granados to calm the cravings in Argentine Polo Field who was preparing to welcome the Mexican star again, as in those 10 nights offered at the Movistar Arena, in 2023. For the next two dates in Buenos Aires, the opening act for the event will be Natalie Pérez instead of Mery Granados.

Luis Miguel’s recitals began in Argentina

The show began with a video that in a few minutes summarized the more than 40-year career of the artist who took the stage overflowing with energy, pure dancing.

“It will be that you do not love me” was the first song of the night, followed by “Love love love”.

After his visit to Buenos Airesthe singer will travel to Córdoba where it will be presented at Córdoba Institute Stadium, with soldout inputs. Total, Luis Miguel sold more than 100,000 tickets on a new visit to Argentina.

The singer performs in the River Plate lands once again within the framework of his “Luis Miguel Tour 2024”. This tour includes more than 75 shows in cities in Central and South America, the United States, Canada and Europe.

Luis Miguel’s exclusive show at La Rural: all the details

Prior to his recitals at the Argentine Polo Field, Luis Miguel gave a gala dinner exclusive for 2,200 attendees in the Yellow Pavilion The Rural. Tickets for the gala reached $1,500.

The show started with a Red carpet where different figures from the show paraded: Georgina Barbarossa, Sofia Zamolo, Zulemita Menem, Marina Calabro, William Coppola, Angela Torres next to Rusherkingamong others, were present.

Dinner consisted of a reception cocktaila three course dinner and drinks. The menu included an appetizer with octopus carpaccio; a main course consisting of meats with port and malbec sauce, caramelized onions with sweet potato puree and seasonal vegetables; The closing of the dinner was a dessert of dulce de leche dome with chocolate.

Luis Miguel came out on stage a few minutes before 10:30 p.m. and started with everything: Maybe you don’t love me, Love, Love, Love and Soft was the triad that opened the recital.

During a little more than an hour and a half of concert, Luis Miguel He showed a great version of himself and the hits kept happening one after the other with songs like Guilty or not, Until you forget me, give to me and even covers like Fly With Me by Frank Sinatra. On a unique night, Sol de México provided a small trailer of what will be their 4 shows in the country.

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