Accident on the “Alarm for Cobra 11” set: How is Erdoğan Atalay doing after shoulder surgery?

Accident on the “Alarm for Cobra 11” set: How is Erdoğan Atalay doing after shoulder surgery?

In September, Erdoğan Atalay injured his shoulder. Now he looks back on the accident on the “Alarm for Cobra 11” set.

Erdoğan Atalay (57) has remained true to his role as Chief Inspector Semir Gerkhan in the RTL format “Alarm for Cobra 11” to this day. But the actor learned last September that filming the action series can also be dangerous. Atalay injured his shoulder and was unable to shoot for several months.

A door was his downfall

he looks back on the accident. His filming partner was standing behind a door and was threatened. “I wanted to kick open the door to save her. But that’s not possible in the film,” says the actor, who then took a fire extinguisher and hit the door with force. But the fire extinguisher got stuck in the door frame. “At the final blow, I thought, now I’m going to get her […] Then it disintegrated my shoulder. The ligaments tore and the tendons and the muscle jumped backwards. That was the end. “That’s when I knew: something was wrong,” says Atalay.

In the evening he still thought it was nothing more serious. But the next day, Atalay’s birthday, the pain got worse. “Then I had to go to the doctor and I had surgery relatively quickly.” According to RTL, there is now “action again” on the “Cobra 11” set. Filming is in full swing again and Atalay’s shoulder has healed.

In 28 years he has already been through a few things, but the accident was the most violent thing that ever happened to him while filming, the actor explains in the “Bild” interview. According to the newspaper, the 57-year-old now has a physiotherapist at his side during filming and is doubled in some scenes. “The injury isn’t even a cool anecdote: I wasn’t picked off by a truck, I just broke a door,” sums up Atalay, who says he’s not thinking about his pension.

In September, the actor posted a hospital photo to his fans on Instagram after the accident. In one clip he also joked: “I always used to have the title Mr. Indestructible or people said I was made of steel. But then at some point I realized: I’m not made of steel. How unfortunate.”

RTL recently focused on feature-length cases for “Alarm for Cobra 11 – The Motorway Police” and wants to keep it that way. As the broadcaster announced in June 2023, six new films are planned for 2024.

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