Javier Milei spoke about the crisis rumors with Fátima Flórez

Javier Milei spoke about the crisis rumors with Fátima Flórez

Javier Milei broke the silence on rumors of crisis and infidelity with Fatima Florez that were installed in the last few days.

Was Marina Calabroa friend of the president for many years, who chatted with him and categorically denied this transcendence.

During the radio show with Yanina Latorre on El Observador 107.9, the journalist told the details of the dialogue she had with the president, who denied that he was in crisis with his girlfriend.

“It happens to me that, since it is somehow known that I have a friendship relationship of more than 10 years, they write to me about the issue of Fatima and him,” said Marina.

And he revealed about the conversation they had: “Then I tell him ‘stop, I am denying the crisis to everyone who writes to me, but in one of those you are in crisis… and you didn’t tell me, I didn’t find out.’ And he denied me everything, He told me: ‘We are not separated. Forget it, I don’t know where it comes from nor do I care.’“.

“From what I knew, I don’t think Fátima will settle in the Olivos villa. Obviously, weekend coexistence and you stay the night,” he added.

In this way, in direct dialogue with Milei, the journalist clarified that the president and the comedian are still together despite the rumors of crisis that arose.

What Fátima Flórez said about the crisis rumors with Javier Milei

Fátima gave details about her relationship with the president and assured that they are still together.

“Completely false. The relationship is excellent”the actress wrote on WhatsApp in dialogue with TN Show.

In her story, the artist explained the reason why she could not attend the opening of the ordinary sessions where Milei gave one of the most important speeches since her inauguration as president.

According to Fátima’s version, the closing of the season in Mar del Plata kept her busy and she did not manage to reach the City of Buenos Aires.

“I just finished the season this Sunday. I was on duty”explained the comedian about her show “Fátima 100%.”

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