Olaf Scholz: Chancellor only “very rarely watches television”

Olaf Scholz: Chancellor only “very rarely watches television”

Chancellor Olaf Scholz doesn’t often watch television in his free time. But he apparently makes an exception on Friday evening.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (65, SPD) and his wife, politician Britta Ernst (63), “very rarely watch television”. The 65-year-old revealed this on the talk show “3nach9”. According to the preliminary report, Scholz added on the show: “That just doesn’t fit into your life and schedule.” Scholz further explained: “But what we watch quite often is the talk show on Friday – and ‘3nach9’.”

The program “3nach9” with Olaf Scholz will be broadcast at the same time on NDR, Radio-Bremen-Television and hr-Television today, March 8th, from 10 p.m. The moderators Judith Rakers (48) and Giovanni di Lorenzo (64) celebrate the 600th anniversary edition with, among others, the Federal Chancellor. “’The mother of all talk shows’, as they say,” is what Olaf Scholz calls the show.

Olaf Scholz does a lot of sports

The top politician has also revealed in the past what Olaf Scholz does in his free time instead of watching TV. It was Britta Ernst, to whom he has been married since 1998, who helped the current Chancellor to take up one of his most important hobbies: sport. When he was around 40 years old, she told him that he had to do something and that he was “very grateful” to her for it, Scholz once revealed during a “Brigitte live” appearance.

He does sports because it’s good for him and fun, as Scholz, who also reads “passionately and a lot,” also said. “I try to make time for exercise two or three times a week – jogging, rowing or hiking. We also enjoy cycling.” In the “Bunte” interview shortly before his election as Chancellor in 2021, the politician also described himself as a “connoisseur”: “I like to cook, preferably on the weekend. My wife and I take turns there. I get my Königsberger Klopse quite well There’s hardly anything like that in restaurants anymore.” He “largely” follows Tim Mälzer’s recipe, “with small variations”.

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