Hape Kerkeling: Entertainer finds gender “sometimes awkward”

Hape Kerkeling: Entertainer finds gender “sometimes awkward”

Does Hape Kerkeling have problems with the changing zeitgeist? Probably not: For example, he sometimes finds gender important and sometimes awkward.

Entertainer Hape Kerkeling (59) has no problems with the changing zeitgeist in the entertainment industry. It turns out that he doesn’t share Thomas Gottschalk’s (73) fear of shitstorms. When asked directly about it, he said that he thought things like the late Queen Elizabeth II: “God bless her: ‘Never complain, never explain'” (In German: “Never complain, never explain”). You have to live with it.

Hape Kerkeling thinks gender is “important”

He sees “no need” for shitstorm worries: “Things are changing, some for the better, some for the worse. And these processes are accelerating and multiplying.” The 59-year-old wouldn’t think everything was bad either: “When I sit with the wonderful colleagues at my audio book publisher, they have really internalized gender,” says Kerkeling. He himself still has to think if he “want or have to or can” gender: “Sometimes I think it’s important, sometimes it’s awkward. Whether I can still find my way into it – we’ll see.”

The entertainer returns to the big screen in 2024

Soon the entertainer will at least be heard on the big screen again. This year, for the fourth time, he lends his voice to the famous panda “Po” in the animated film “Kung Fu Panda 4”. The new part of the children’s film series starts in German film theaters on March 14th.

Source: Stern

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