The P1 celebrates its 40th birthday: Stars share their memories

The P1 celebrates its 40th birthday: Stars share their memories

On the 40th birthday of the Munich P1, celebrities like Verena Kerth and Erol Sander look back on their best memories.

Happy Birthday, P1! The famous Munich nightclub is celebrating its 40th birthday for three days: from Thursday, March 14th to Saturday, March 16th. Of course, many stars don’t miss the birthday celebrations and share their very special memories with the posh disco.

Verena Kerth celebrates her “forever love”

“My big story was written there!” says Verena Kerth (42) in a nutshell. At the beginning of the 2000s, at the age of 21, she met the then soccer goalkeeper Oliver Kahn (54) and suddenly became famous. “Thanks to the P1, I’ve never had to look for an apartment in Munich or pay rent because it’s my living room and my forever love!” enthuses the current presenter and former jungle camp participant.

“I played at P1 in the 90s – always on Sundays,” remembers DJ John Munich (60), son of the legendary Udo Jürgens (1934-2014). “There were many great evenings there: for example when after the ‘Michael Jackson & Friends concert’ in the Olympic Stadium many of the artists came to the P1, including my father. The place really rocked. I saw a lot of great stars in the P1 met, from Prince to Mick Jagger to Falco,” said the 60-year-old.

DJ colleague Giulia Siegel (49) was also already at the turntables in the posh disco. “Working in the nightclub was always great fun, for example when I was able to play with DJ Hell and Co. on the 30th anniversary.” The reality TV participant remembers one evening in particular. “I still remember when I was standing all alone in P1 because all my friends went to the Parkcafé and I couldn’t get in. Luckily I was wearing the watch that Michael Käfer had given me. There were two beetles running on the dial in the circle and it was my safe ticket to P1.”

Erol Sander: “Thank you for the great time and stay as you are”

The Munich delicatessen king Michael Käfer (66) was the main shareholder of P1 for many years. The entrepreneur signed over his share in the club to Franz Rauch and his son Sebastian Goller. In 2013, Rauch handed over management to a son, who now represents the second generation of the P1.

The club was founded shortly after the Second World War in the location of P1, an officers’ meeting place for American soldiers. Since the address “Prinzregentenstrasse 1” was difficult for the Americans to pronounce, they simply called the meeting point “Pee One” – the birth of the institution P1. The nightclub opened in its current form in March 1984 and quickly became a popular meeting place for Munich’s high society.

This included, among others, actor Erol Sander (55). “You are the club of my youth – we danced until the lights came on, we kissed, laughed and had so much fun with you. Thank you for the great time and stay as you are: forever young!”, congratulates the popular one TV star.

“I can still remember my very first visit to P1,” reveals actor and comedian John Friedmann (52). “I was 16 years old and had to sneak myself in. I wasn’t as sexy as my companions back then,” laughs the 52-year-old. “I have wonderful memories of many beautiful evenings. The P1 is still a classic today.”

Many international stars have also graced the dance floor in the P1’s 40-year history. Rolling Stone Mick Jagger (80) was once one of the regular guests when he was in Munich for months recording records. Other music greats such as Whitney Houston (1963-2012), Jennifer Lopez (54), P. Diddy (54), Christina Aguilera (43) and Pharrell Williams (50) as well as the Hollywood legends Tom Cruise (61) and Brad Pitt ( 60) already celebrated in P1.

This is how we celebrate

To kick off the birthday celebrations on Thursday, well-known DJ and music producer Bob Sinclar (54) will play, followed by talents such as Rivo, Tiago Cruz and Co & Soñadora on Friday. On Saturday, the “Resident Allstars” Dominik Muélar, Johannes, Nikias Hofmann, Olaf Kampen, Omar, Petko, Ramon, Raoul Tosa and The Kut will provide the appropriate music.

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