Princess Diana’s brother describes his traumatic childhood

Princess Diana’s brother describes his traumatic childhood

In his autobiography, Charles Spencer, brother of the late Princess Diana, talks about traumatic events in his childhood. His time at boarding school in particular had a lasting impact on him.

The children of well-off British families often attend boarding schools when they reach a certain age. It was the same with Princess Diana and her brother, Charles Spencer.

Princess Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, speaks out about abuse

His autobiography “A Very Private School” will be published on March 14th, “The Sun” and other media are now quoting passages in advance. Spencer apparently writes in detail about his time at boarding school, which was not a little traumatic.

In the 1970s, Spencer attended Maidwell Hall Boys Prep School in Northants. He was eleven when he said he was abused by a senior employee at the boys’ school. “This woman’s control over the hypnotized boys was total, for we were starved for female warmth and desperate for her affection,” writes Spencer, as quoted by the Sun, in the US edition of his memoirs.

Spencer calls his alleged tormentor a “master of manipulation.” “The impact of what she did to me was profound and immediate, awakening in me fundamental desires that had no place in someone so young,” said Princess Diana’s brother. The abuse included “French kissing and touching,” Spencer said. Classmates also became victims at the time.

(Sexualized) violence was the order of the day in the boarding school back then. “We were locked away. We were like prisoners,” said the 59-year-old in an interview with the US “Today” show. “We were prey to the worst instincts of very bad people,” he said. He was 42 years old when he first told another person about the abuse. At that time he confided in a therapist.

He lost his virginity to a prostitute

In his book, Spencer also reveals how he lost his virginity when he was just twelve years old while on vacation in Italy with his stepfather and mother. There he saw a prostitute in a short skirt who he paid the equivalent of 15 pounds for sex. Afterward, he felt “hollow and cold.” He didn’t feel the desire for sexual intercourse again until he was 17.

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