Autumn is coming: an ideal Japanese trick for storing coats

Autumn is coming: an ideal Japanese trick for storing coats

Coats take up a lot of space, and if they are not used they can get ruined. Learn how to store them optimally.


In general, people tend to keep their coats on hangers to have them within reach, but according to this japanese method, it is not the ideal way. Hangers take up too much space and tend to deform the shoulders of our clothes.

This new Japanese method is based on bend precisely. Coats and other clothes that take up a lot of closet space are folded in a specific way to save space and prevent wrinkles, stacking them neatly to maximize closet space.

What is the Japanese trick for storing coats?

The following tips will make your closet look better and your clothes stay in good condition.

  • Fold in 3: Fold the coat one-third from the center and repeat the process with the opposite side. In addition to saving space, it avoids fold marks on the fabric.
  • Save collars and lapels in their original form: By aligning them well, deformity will be avoided and their original shape will be maintained.
  • Sort by thickness: Organizing coats this way makes it easy to see and access. While heavier coats should go at the bottom, lighter garments can go at the top of the pile.
  • Make compact rolls: Scarves or t-shirts take up less space when stored in compact rolls. In addition, it reduces wrinkles and allows easy identification of each garment.


  • Divider inside the drawers: Using drawer dividers to keep different categories of clothing organized makes it easier to find specific items of clothing and prevents clutter.
  • Store clothes that will not be used in the season: The clothes that you do not need at that moment should not be visible on the closet, since they not only take up physical space, but also visual space.
  • Use vacuum bags: For garments that will not be used soon, such as winter coats during the summer, using vacuum bags are an excellent option, as they significantly reduce their volume and protect them against dust and humidity.
  • Incorporate boxes and baskets: Using transparent boxes to store accessories or small clothing gives an aesthetic touch and makes it easy to quickly view belongings.

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