Harvard’s 11 tips to improve your sex life

Harvard’s 11 tips to improve your sex life

The sex life, especially in adulthood and in couples of many years, is always an issue to take into account for the “health” of the relationship. Specialists spend a lot of time on these issues.

Even the prestigious university of harvard deals with people’s sexual lives, and some time ago made a series of recommendations for better performance.

It is important to be well informed about the sexual problems we think we have. Both their own and those of the couple. That is why it is advisable to share what happens to us with others.

2- Give yourself time

As we age, sexual responses slow down. This means that we need more time to reach orgasm.

Our chances of success can be improved if we find a quiet, comfortable, and uninterrupted environment for sex.



3- Lubrication

It is common for the transition to menopause to be accompanied by vaginal dryness, which can be corrected with lubricating gels.

They are useful to avoid painful sexual relations, which usually lead to libido problems and tensions in the couple.

4- Be affectionate

Although problems in bed worry us and we are tense, kissing and hugging are essential to maintain emotional and physical ties.


5- Touch

Many therapists advise sensory focusing techniques to regain physical intimacy without feeling pressured. It’s about touching each other while each person focuses on their perceptions and sensuality.

6- Try different sexual positions

Expanding the repertoire of positions, in addition to making sex more interesting, can help overcome certain problems. Certain positions make it easier for a woman to reach orgasm.

7- Write your fantasies

We can think of situations that we find exciting and explain them to our partner. This exercise is especially useful for couples with low sexual desire.

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8- Kegel exercises

Both men and women can improve their sexual fitness by exercising their pelvic floor muscles. And Kegel exercises do exactly that.

What does it consist on? It involves squeezing the muscle that we contract when we try to stop urination. It should be held tight for two or three seconds and then relaxed. You have to repeat it 10 times for five sets a day.

9. Try to relax

It is key to be calm with ourselves and our partner. Making plans such as going out to dinner, having a drink or getting massages are good options.

10. Use vibrators

Stimulation through vibrators can help women know themselves better sexually and achieve orgasm better.

11. Don’t give up

If, despite having tried, the situation does not improve, there is no need to despair.

In these cases, we need to go to the doctor to help or put us in contact with a sex therapist who can identify what is preventing us from having a satisfactory sexual life.

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