This is how you should write your profile on Tinder to have resounding success

This is how you should write your profile on Tinder to have resounding success

How important is the biography to be successful in online dating? Boost your description with these tips.

A study published in Plos One showed that original text can improve a person’s perception online, making them seem smarter, funnier, and more attractive. For this, it examined 308 profiles looking for love online.

More than 50 million people around the world use the method of swiping right if they like it and left if they don’t, to find a partner. And according to estimates from Business of Apps, Tinder is the leading dating app online.


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What should my Tinder profile be like to be successful?

Despite the apparent simplicity of the process, obtaining a “match” on Tinder It depends on several factors. Although the photos They continue to be one of the determining factors on Tinder, the key to getting a “match” on Tinder does not depend solely on selecting a good photo.

To be successful within the application you must first try avoid clichés, such as being spontaneous or friendly, and mentioning general interests, such as walks on the beach. Instead, the style and descriptive content of the profile are valued. A well-written text, which includes literary devices such as metaphorsand specific and unusual descriptions of the person, is more striking.

Another study published in IEEE shows that although it is believed that all profiles can receive a “match”, those with a full biography they have up to four times more chances to do it. However, profiles with short biographies They are also popular, although the difference in match rate is not significant compared to more detailed profiles.

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