Clogs trend 2024: These shoes are in demand in summer

Clogs trend 2024: These shoes are in demand in summer

During the hippie movement in the 1970s, the former work shoes became socially acceptable. But then the wooden slippers disappeared from the scene again – until 2010, when Karl Lagerfeld incorporated clogs with platform soles into his collection. Since then, the open shoes have been an it-piece. Also in this year.

While the wooden clog known from Sweden used to be combined with wide bell-bottoms and flowing hippie dresses, clogs are now worn with tight jeans, flowing fabrics or midi skirts. While the design of the slippers has completely changed, many designers such as Hermès, Bally and Stella McCartney have retained the typical wooden sole (often made of beech or lime wood) – or replaced it with rubber. After the comfortable shoes were celebrated in 2023, they are also celebrating a big comeback this year. You can find out which trends will be popular in 2024 as follows.

Spring will be colorful

Rich colors will be back in fashion in 2024, including in the clog trends: whether bright or gaudy – this shoe season can’t be colorful enough. What is new, however, is that both the block or platform heels and the shoes (often made of smooth or suede) are kept in one color throughout. In other words, you can no longer tell whether wood or plastic was used. But does that still matter? The main thing is that it is comfortable.

Eye-catching applications

If you prefer muted colors such as brown, black or beige, you still don’t have to do without eye-catching details: This year you will find a lot of clog trends with shimmering accents – such as or –. Alternatively, there are also shoe models , which are intended to give the classic design a modern touch. This makes the comfortable slippers an eye-catcher.

Simple is chic

Anyone who likes bright colors and eye-catching applications can safely do without, another clog trend is waiting for 2024: neutral nuances (like , , ) and simple designs – without a lot of frills – are also popular this season. To give the shoe its typical look, the sole is either made of wood or a rubberized sole with a wooden design (the more affordable alternative).


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