Queen Camilla: She gets her own Barbie doll as a gift

Queen Camilla: She gets her own Barbie doll as a gift

Queen Camilla held a reception to mark International Women’s Day at Buckingham Palace. The 76-year-old was presented with a special gift.

Queen Camilla held a reception at Buckingham Palace to mark International Women’s Day. In her role as President of the WOW (Women of the World) organization, she welcomed, among others, actress Helen Mirren to the event. On World Girls’ Day in October 2023, the foundation launched the “WOW Girls Festival Bus Tour” across the United Kingdom. The bus, equipped with a recording studio or library, promoted gender equality in schools and communities. His tour now ended at the royal reception, where Camilla welcomed the participants.

Camilla is happy about Barbie doll

“Together with Queen Mathilde of Belgium and the Duchess of Gloucester, the Queen welcomed a number of remarkable women and girls to Buckingham Palace at the end of the bus tour,” said an Instagram post. A special gift the Queen received was also revealed: “During the event, Her Majesty was presented with a very special Barbie doll in recognition of her work supporting the WOW Festival as its President.”

The doll was created as a lookalike of King Charles III’s wife. designed. Her signature hairstyle matched the original, as did her outfit, which consisted of a blue dress and a black cape. After the doll was presented to her, Camilla said it was “brilliant.” “You took 50 years of my life away from me. Thank you for doing that, it’s wonderful,” she also joked and laughed. Turning to the guests, she added: “You should all have a Barbie!”

Helen Mirren gushed about the queen at the event: “I’ve always been a fan of Camilla and supported her in my very small, insignificant way.” It was great to see her in her new role as queen and to see “that mantle falling on her shoulders, which must have been quite a surprise for her,” the actress added. “As a young girl in England, I’m sure she never in a million years would have imagined that she would find herself in this role, and I feel like she’s doing it very well.”

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