Prince William should leave the event before Harry is allowed to speak

Prince William should leave the event before Harry is allowed to speak

Prince William and Prince Harry will speak at an event in honor of their late mother Princess Diana. The planning shows how broken the brothers’ relationship seems to be; William doesn’t want to listen to Harry’s words.

It has now become a rarity to see Prince Harry and Prince William in one place. Not only because Prince Harry and his wife Meghan officially left the British royal family in 2020, but more because the brothers are said to have a broken relationship.

However, this Thursday there will be an event in London in honor of her mother Diana, who died in 1997 – the “Diana Legacy Award” at the Science Museum. The late princess was passionate about social commitment, which is why this event was created. Every two years, the award recognizes 20 young leaders, visionaries and role models from around the world who are socially committed to inspiring and mobilizing new generations to help communities. Just like Princess Diana herself once did in her role as Princess of Wales.

The winners receive the “Diana Legacy Award” at a prestigious ceremony. They will then have access to a unique Legacy Award development program for a period of two years until the next awards ceremony.

The managing director of the “Diana Awards”, Dr. Tessy Ojo, told The Times magazine about the princes’ participation: “It is a privilege to have the support of both the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex (…)”. This evening too: Prince William and Prince Harry are to give a speech, reports the British magazine “Daily Mail”.

Before Prince Harry appears, Prince William leaves

And his younger brother, Prince Harry, who has lived in America since leaving the country, should also be connected via video call and say a few words. The newspaper writes that there should be a clear division of responsibilities between the princes. The heir to the throne will probably give a general speech about the awards and the winners, whereas Harry will specifically talk to the award winners.

But that shouldn’t be a coincidence, it is said that William will leave the event before Prince Harry is allowed to speak – another piece of the puzzle that underlines the broken relationship between the two. Before this strained, if not broken, relationship arose, the two attended this award together and enjoyed posing for photos with the winners.

However, a Kensington Palace spokesman reiterated Prince William’s interest in the award winners: “The Prince of Wales will meet key staff and supporters of the Diana Award before attending the ceremony. At the meeting he will discuss work the winners, give a short speech and present the Legacy Awards to this year’s winners.”

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