People: Pierce Brosnan admits guilt after Yellowstone allegations

People: Pierce Brosnan admits guilt after Yellowstone allegations

Actor Pierce Brosnan gets off with a fine: He pleads guilty to entering a closed area in Yellowstone National Park.

Ex-James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan (70) has pleaded guilty in court in the US state of Wyoming to entering an area in Yellowstone National Park that was closed to visitors last November. The Wyoming District Court judge imposed a fine of about $1,500, court records show.

The Livingston Enterprise newspaper published the documents. The actor did not have to appear in court in person; he attended the hearing via telephone. In January, the Irish native initially rejected the allegations.

The incident is said to have occurred on November 1, 2023. Yellowstone National Park, mostly located in Wyoming, is known for its hot springs and geysers – although dangerous areas are closed to visitors. For the most part, you’ll need to stay on the trails and observe the attractions from a distance. According to the allegations, Brosnan had violated the restrictions in place in the park.

Last November, Brosnan was at the Yellowstone Film Ranch in the US state of Montana to film the western “Unholy Trinity.” Samuel L. Jackson and the German actress Veronica Ferres star alongside him.

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