What cats will be like in 100 years, according to artificial intelligence

What cats will be like in 100 years, according to artificial intelligence

Like all species, cats evolved over time and will continue to do so. Can you imagine what they will look like?

Although the changes are not evident in the short term, the passage of time leaves traces of evolution in all animals. And that is why the Artificial intelligence is able to respond to a certain extent what the cats in 100 years.

From the smallest insects to animals like whales, science agrees that everyone went through a process of change in their organism to be able to adapt to new environments. In this sense, pets are not immune to these changes that will continue to happen in the coming years.

Siamese cat

This is what cats will be like in 100 years, according to AI

When asking GPT Chat He responded that there are certain applications that help understand in what aspects these animals could evolve.

  • Advances in genetics: More advances in genetic engineering may be made in the future. In this sense, it is possible to generate cat breeds with specific characteristics, such as resistance to common diseases or improved abilities.
  • Technology and artificial intelligence: Increasingly realistic robotic cats could be developed that can interact with humans in more sophisticated ways, providing companionship and assistance with specific tasks.
  • Changes in the human-cat relationship: Over time, the relationship between humans and cats is likely to evolve further, perhaps with cats becoming more integrated into people’s daily lives, both at home and in professional settings.
  • Advanced communication technology: Devices could be developed that allow humans to communicate more effectively with cats, which could improve mutual understanding and strengthen bonds between humans and felines.
  • Size: Cats could become considerably larger. Some predictions suggest they could reach the height of a squatting human, similar to a lynx or bobcat.

It is important to consider that changes in the environment and other factors can constantly vary, so circumstances also influence the way animals evolve. Will the AI ​​be right?

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