Wish: The Power of Wishes already has a release date on Disney+

Wish: The Power of Wishes already has a release date on Disney+

Audiences are invited to the magical kingdom of Rosas alongside Asha, Estrella, King Magnificent and more characters.

The original movie Walt Disney Animation Studios Wish: The Power of Wishes premieres in Disney+ on April 3, welcoming subscribers to the magical kingdom of Rosas, where Asha, an ingenious dreamer, makes a wish so powerful that it is heard by a cosmic force: a small sphere of unlimited energy called the Star.

What WISH: The Power of Wishes is about

In the Golden Globe-nominated Wish, Asha and Estrella face an imposing enemy – the Magnificent King, ruler of Rosas – to save their community and prove that, when the will of one brave person joins the magic of the stars, wonderful things can happen.

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With the English voices of the Oscar winner Ariana DeBose like Asha, Chris Pine as Magnificent and Alan Tudyk as Valentino, Asha’s favorite goat, the film is directed by Chris BuckOscar winner, and Fawn Veerasunthornand produced by Peter Del Vecho and Juan Pablo Reyes Lancaster Jones.

The screenplay is by Jennifer Lee and Allison Moore, with original songs by Julia Michaels and Benjamin Rice, and an original score by composer Dave Metzger.

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